Russia, to stop import of flour and animal fats EU: “heavy metals”.

To communicate the decision of the Kremlin is the Rosselkhoznadzor, the Russian Federal agency that controls the quality of agricultural products, which offers as motivation an alleged "violation of the security name" by the products from Western Europe. The stop will start from Tuesday 21 October already and, according to the State responsible Dankvert, the Serghiei found 17 cases of the presence of prohibited substances in beef derived from six countries (Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark and Poland): lead, cadmium, tetracyclines, salmonella, listeria, Chloramphenicol.   The decision, however, more than a concern for the health of their consumers, could be attributed to the no-holds-barred struggle going on between Russia and the European Union in terms of sanctions. The EU continues to impose and increase the "fines" against Moscow in response to "illegal actions in Ukraine". A fight to the sound of millions that is likely, however, to put on their knees industries that rely on export to the East its own luck, or their survival. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had warned EU leaders that, if they continued to harm the country, "the Russia does not remain no choice but to take countermeasures". And so did, hitting first a part of the agri-food sector and, later, threatening to extend the embargo to the auto industry, fashion and furniture. Even in these last two cases, the Italian market would suffer a major blow, given that these sections constitute the 2.3% of total exports, about 9 billion per year. Unlike food, redistributed across the country, the embargo to fashion and furniture sectors were hit hardest the Italy precisely because the restrictions they would concentrate on industrial districts defined, causing losses concentrated in certain areas, so they would be found in the knee. . You must check this to discover more on this great subject.

Leopolda, Cuperlo attacks Renzi want a parallel party.

What is the Leopolda? If I understand well there are hundreds or more committees which have the Mission of supporting the ideas of Matteo Renzi. I know that the currents dominate the internal life of the Democratic Party since birth.  But let us be clear among ourselves, if you you’re the Secretary of the party build and strengthen a parallel party you choose in a party. At that point we’ll go to a community party but to what already today-maybe-we, or a Confederation, an aggregation of components with each of its autonomy. It’s what you want? I do not think a drawing neither brave nor ambitious. He said the former Chairman of the Democratic Party, representative, Gianni Cuperlo, during the national leadership of the Democratic Party, in Rome, addressing directly to Matteo Renzi. I found just and suggestive reflection runways designated Matteo. But even to liven up the debate with the same sincerity, ‘ I want to tell you that I feel a certain distance between the things I say in here and things that happen outside: what function it is up to this party, today, in a democracy used to regenerate roots? Is there a moral crisis in the country and in Europe, what we want to become? In too many reality we are primarily an electoral machine, and in the background we see the abandonment of a number of people and the consequence is an elected party, added: I am the first Cuperlo not to regret the party there was until yesterday, but it is a matter of procedure or rules of the Statute, we must untie the knot to the bottom: that idea we have democracy? Our party is still able to organize a force of men and women who are able to affect events?. Critical of Leopolda even Stefano Fassina that, prior to the start of the party meeting had stated: He favors an appointment that is not a party, the funding for the Leopolda should go to Pd. National Secretary I would expect that arranged a meeting with club managers rather than the Leopolda. Later in the direction he added: one party has a political culture that must be shared and this should not be underestimated. Rules and discipline are after. And to rediscover this cultural commonality is the daily l’unita, which must report soon on newsstands. Than those on constitutional reform made a battle different from ours. Nobody espellera ‘ who made an honest battle in the Senate, but we must give us rules on vote of confidence, said then. Foo made all primary battle after not giving confidence to the Government of Henry. It’s a discussion that should be kept open. But this cannot become an Electoral Committee or a club of anarchists and freethinkers, has annotated the premier. If we did not we the alternative is the square, or sometimes xenophobic populism; If there are we there is a demagogic and populist phenomenon. This community which took 41% today and is the only hope for the Italy exits swamp, added Renzi. About subscribers need a review a little more in depth than read newspapers these days. Do not reduce to macchiettistiche, because the number of people who do live the Pd, including those who participate in the primaries, it is unparalleled, said Secretary of Pd. I defend the primaries but I must admit that without adequate administrative preparation of someone he found surrender. This theme exist but political education means study, study, study, require elaboration, discussion and ability to listen to others. In most cases you choose with the primaries. In other cases, with the choices of management team, added Renzi. The Democratic Party should be a party that widens, Reichlin called him the nation’s Party, must contain different reality, stressed the premier. The Democratic Party must define what it means to be left in 2014 and 2015. If I had to say one word would be ‘ opportunity ‘, against the expediencies and pensions. The Democratic Party is a party that WINS to make an electoral law in which it is clear who wins. A key step for Italy because there has never been an electoral law that would make clear who was the winner, nor with the Mattarellum ne ‘ with Patricia_917, concluded Renzi. . You must click this resource to learn more regarding this interesting matter.

The clowns that scare, an air of déjà vu.

On Facebook, messages are accompanied by the agonizing mention «caution», some ranging up to speak of aggression "of a young girl with 17 stab wounds. These ‘testimonials’ tributary, often accompanied by identical photographs from films (see below) or similar incidents (such as Northhampton, mentioned above). And for cause, is the approach of Halloween season – even if this celebration has much less impact in France than in the United States. And then that appealed to a more or less recent imagination that appeals to those who like to play to be afraid. The image of the killer clown did a return noticed on screens in early October, with the fourth season of the American television series American Horror Story: Freak Show, in which Twisty, an ugly, dirty and very nasty clown sows terror in a small town in Florida in the 1950s. Silent, gigantic, and able also to decapitate to kidnap women and children, the character was designed by series creator Ryan Murphy as "the most terrifying clown of all time. . For extended information on this matter visit

Tutankhamun was the son of incest.

It was November 4, 1922 when the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh child under the ruins of an ancient village in the Valley of the Kings, in Egypt. He was one of the richest archaeological finds in history and the founding stone of modern Egyptology. The many legends, theories and curses around the Pharaoh still continue to fascinate researchers, not just them. For a new documentary for Bbc One, which will be broadcast next Sunday, was reconstructed the face of the Egyptian King, through more than 2 thousand computerized scans on the Mummy. In addition, genetic analyses were carried out on the family. If a previous Dna tests had identified Akhenaten natural father of Tutankhamun, now Albert Zink, Director of the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman in Bolzano, Eurac has highlight that Tutankhamun’s mother was Akhenaten’s sister truth, the so-called ‘ heretic pharaoh ‘, the first story’s monotheistic. . For extended facts regarding this subject click info.

New Skoda Fabia: better and cheaper than the Polo.

Without networking it do not try a new model in the today’s time – just in the Einsteigersegmenten. There is a radio with a 6.5-inch multi function screen, on the via MirrorLink the own Smartphone mirror is optional for the Skoda Fabia. Costs in the Middle trim level of 650 and the top model 220 euro – even including Bluetooth hands-free style just once and multi function steering wheel. IPhones Fabia connectivity remain however sidelined until the next year and also the navigation software of a connected HTC smartphones is anything but convincing in practice. Not a freely adjustable scale, modest maps and confusing prompts. Here must be repaired quickly, because a fixed the navigation system is no longer available. The small four-cylinder runs through fast thanks to the boot, because from 1-400 rpm, maximum torque of 175 nm available stands. 0 to 100 creates the maneuverability in 9.4 seconds and creates a downright sporty top speed of 196 mph. The Turbo direct-injection available with 90 or 110 HP is a good choice, where the weaker version is always sufficient. Excellent the well-tuned suspension in the foreground that at different tempos, firm and comfortable cushions without vague hint the Fabia to make plays on every road surface. The low vehicle weight of 1.1 tons of barely over contributes to the good feeling in addition to the too-smooth power steering. . For extended data regarding this matter check

The tax agency will launch a new system of VAT for corporate management.

The tax agency will launch a new system of management of the VAT, primarily for large enterprises, through which the institution will have "real time" information on commercial transactions involving taxpayer attached to it and that it will enter into force from January 1, 2017. The director general of the tax agency, Santiago Menéndez, explained that it is giving a "another step in the trend of being intensive in the use of new technologies", to develop tasks that have the body, among which is giving aid assistance to the taxpayer who complies with its obligations voluntarily. Menendez pointed out that this system, called ‘Immediate provision of information’ (S. I. I.), also "will allow you to perform control" and "accelerate" the process of return to taxpayers who are entitled to it. This system will be mandatory for about 62. 000 taxpayers, among which are large businesses (which billed more than 6 million euros per year), corporate VAT and enrolled in the monthly (Redeme) tax regime, and which account for 80% of the turnover total taxable persons of this assessment in Spain from the tax agency pointed out where the rest of taxpayers be eligible voluntarily to the S. I. I. andin the event that you wish to, give up the same at the end of each year. The director of the Department of tax administration, Rufino de la Rosa, wanted to make it clear that "it is not a new obligation", and explained that what is done is changing the way of complying with the obligation to keep records of VAT books. In particular, since it starts taxpayers will have to send the billing detail electronically and the record books will be electronic. The taxpayer shall detail of registration of invoices that must be stated in the book record. These shipments to the tax agency will involve carrying these books through the web page of the institution, where they are will be formed with each shipment of the detail of the operations carried out. After each invoicing, taxpayers must send to the Agency in a maximum of four days the detail of the invoices issued and received. In addition, to your self-assessments will have ten days more time and it will not present models 340 (log books), 347 (operations with third parties) and 390 (annual summary). Menendez said that the system will "release of many formal obligations" to taxpayers and, in addition, thanks to the Agency will present a draft of their VAT returns as it is currently done with IRPF. Meanwhile, De la Rosa stressed that it is an "ambitious" system and that it means "big changes", so a period of "adaptation and regulatory and technological development" is necessary, which is what makes that don’t get underway until 2017. On the other hand, the director general of the Agency pointed out that although companies have to make computer adjustments in the short term, medium and long "it will assume savings", since "many resources that were intended for those tasks and may be allocated to others". . Extended text can be inspected checking

Isis, doctors: “ground Intervention? No, Obama must protect negotiations with Iran “.

"No military intervention can be effective if it is functional to the development of a clear and sustainable political solution. The picture which is determined between Syria and Iraq is such as to suggest that this assumption is lacking. The Americans imagined by use as ground forces against the Islamic State Kurdish militias and the Iraqi regular army, mostly in terms of containment, reserving to themselves the task of protecting them from the air. The Kurds, however, have encountered difficulty in battle on the plain, while the weakness of the army in Baghdad. That’s why the Caliphate continues to reap success, which however should not be exaggerated ". "We must wait. It is said that the blaze of Isis hard. Especially if you manage to deprive him of the economic sources of livelihood, like you’re trying to do. Not surprisingly, Obama talked about a long-term comparison, which may not be depleted within its mandate. I don’t think the Americans will intervene with troops consisting of a confused situation in which none of the main actors involved shares the goals of Middle Eastern policy in Washington. Honestly, I can’t see a single reason to do so. Contraindications outweigh any possible theoretical advantage. Then the Pentagon say different things is obvious. The Obama strategy reduces the weight. " "It will last as long as your link speech Mr Erdogan to the descent in the United States against Assad. However, for Washington is untouchable, because of fear that his downfall may determine the Presidency of reformist crisis Rouhani in Iran, with which the White House wants to treat. Obama’s primary objective in the Middle East is not to make Turkey the local hegemon, far from it, but it is the progress of negotiations with Tehran, to reach a historic reconciliation that would change the face of the Eurasian region and the balance as a whole. Kobane can be sacrificed ". "It is an unpredictable. In the absence of novelty, even several months. But we live in a very dynamic phase. And Washington’s eyes are not focused only on the Middle East. America has global interests and fight to keep the head of the world ". . You must check this to learn more on this amazing matter.

Simply vegan: meat is yet not an animal! Or?.

The Caterpillar glutton, Frederick the mouse, Fridolin the piggy. The first books that we have read aloud to tell us of the wonderful world of animals. We have our first adventure with them, hope, fear and look forward to new stories. As a stuffed animal, they are our best friend in the night, they give us consolation, when we are sad, we talk and cuddle with them. Most of us have probably also later built a connection to a real live animal. There may be a cat you cuddled every day after school with which or with which you could play dog. Maybe someone has saved a chick that had fallen out of the nest or a weak Hedgehog before death. Many of us have a photo in your album on which they snuggle with an animal. In all of these moments, we enjoyed a close relationship. Saw a sentient, thinking being, an individual with its own personality and its own character in the animal. At the same time was a piece of meat on our plates. This strange behavior was so much that she wrote her doctoral thesis in interested in psychologist Melanie Joy. In a lecture on YouTube, she told that she liked meat a couple of weeks because she was very sick with a tainted hamburger. And all of a sudden she wondered about that she could pet her dog as a child with one hand and eat a piece of pork in the other hand. At the same time. Although the pork was surely a just as intelligent and sensitive beings like her dog. In your head, a switch was suddenly killed by the meat-free time. She says that we completely hide the living animal at dinner and a small attempt of self developed, comes with you this blind spot on the bottom. Melanie Joy says that’s because we normally think about it, what is on our plates. We have done has always been, we have become so big and not question it, it’s just. For them, this behavior is deeply rooted in our culture. It’s starting already, that there is no name for someone who eats meat. A vegetarian does not eat meat, a vegan no animal products. But what do we call someone who is neither vegan nor vegetarian? Slaws? Carnivor? Both does not fit, because terms in biology, describing what a living organism must eat or can. You describe but not a moral, ideological or philosophical stance that stands behind it. Joy thinks if there is something no word, then you can also not truly think about it and if you can not call something, then you can not also make it in question. Where do animals live? We need to eat meat to survive. It is stated like it was but of course to eat meat, our ancestors would have done that anyway. Well, it depends how far it goes back on the timeline. Do we really live with the value system of a Neanderthal? If we have to eat no meat, this also means that we have a choice, that behind meat eating a belief system is. Joy calls this Carnism. Carnism describes it as a dominant, violent ideology, because behind this killing. Such ideologies need a social and psychological defence mechanism, so that the people. They may not just perceive what they there just to participate. Carnism is not to feel so joy. The first step is denial. Keeping invisible victims. What you can’t see does not exist, then there can be no problem. 58 million animals are killed each year in Germany. How many have we seen? A few cows in the pasture? Where are the other cows? Where the pigs? Where the chickens? Most of the animals are kept industrial. In huge, windowless buildings. You can not visit pig fattening systems or chicken coops. You are strictly shielded. Why actually? What we do with animals there probably are no doubt more that animals think, feel and lead a rich social life. But what do we do with them? Sows are stuck in narrow cages where they are not turn. Male piglets without anaesthetic, the testicles ripped out, weak piglets beaten to death. They are large enough they come in the slaughter-house. You kill them with a shot in the head, but it must go quickly, not every shot sits. A small request of the Greens in the Bundestag revealed that so badly for thousands of animals, that they die painfully in pain. Male chickens lay eggs and grow too slowly, thousands of them are shredded alive or gassed. The beaks are cut short the other and it crams her huge sheds no light. Either they are fattened for a month or they must lay eggs 15 months. After they are slaughtered. The calves are taken away cows, so that we can keep the milk for us. The most calves are fattened and then killed or they become the milk cow. Fish are bred in giant pools, which are so crammed, that they can survive only with plentiful antibiotics. No exceptions are about, but this is industry standard. The Oscar-nominated film food Inc. describes the international corporations as an example very vividly. The people who suffer from animals are not the only victims of the modern meat industry. The work of the people in the slaughterhouses is dangerous, mentally stressful, poorly paid, socially and not recognized. Our environment suffers as the factory farming, how the United Nations write life stock’s long Shadow in her report. Health insurance sound the alarm because we ruin our health by excessive consumption of meat. Tax hike as subsidies to the meat industry. Should it be normal? Melanie Joy, challenges us to think about going to us. We should make the tradition of factory farming in question. Compares this step, to the first people who made slavery into question. They also did not agree a dominant and violent system. You have admitted their feelings. And when you do that, then a steak is more than a piece of merchandise from the refrigerated counter of the supermarket suddenly. . Additional info can be inspected reading web site.

The Government fell on removing small taxes.

What gap with reality! Only 4 of these absurd taxes will be removed in the 2015 budget, for 1 to 2 million euros, according to Valérie Rabault, Rapporteur PS of the budget in the Assembly, and no longer 29 million as proposed by the Government in its draft finance law. Alia, MEPs decided Friday to maintain the main tax which was to disappear: the general tax on polluting activities (TGAP) weighing on the installations classified for the protection of the environment. An amendment, tabled by deputies ecologists, and adopted in the Finance Committee, believed that the disappearance of this tax, related to it only 25 million, would be in contradiction with the law on the energy transition. Will therefore ultimately disappearing tax on automatic (Pinball, Foosball), which cost more to collect than it reported (5 euros per year and per unit), tax on sidewalks (it covers some 30 communes for a recipe of about 600,000 euros) or even the contribution of solidarity on oilseeds. In short, not what simplify the grotesque situation in which firms face,. In March, a report by the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) identified 192 taxes yielding less than 150 million, for a total income of 5.3 billion euros. Shocking, the study noted even that there are only 3 taxes whose performance is less than 100 million in Germany and in Britain, against 179 in France. IGF recommended to remove between 90 and 120 taxes, or even more than 160 in a scenario of ‘rupture ‘. . Extended facts can be inspected clicking

Emmanuel Macron ‘disagree’ with Martine Aubry.

Emmanuel Macron responded Sunday evening to Martine Aubry had "no new elements" in the criticisms made by the ex-patronne of the PS to the Government’s economic policy. While welcoming in the Mayor of Lille ‘a great leader’, the Minister of the economy, which was the guest of "Grand Jury RTL – Le Figaro-LCI", felt that this debate had already taken place when the Socialist Party primary in 2011, and that the proposals made by Aubry had been issued by "its" Socialist MEPs, a term Macron dislike. "I disagree with the analysis" by Martine Aubry and ‘with the conclusions that it draws", explained the Minister, who stressed that a"better targeting is not possible"on tax competitiveness (CICE) credit and the responsibility Pact, contrary to claims that the left wing of the PS. Unlike Martine Aubry, the Minister is not in favour of the merger of the income tax and the CSG, because "the losers will be the middle classes. Emmanuel Macronest also disagree with the Mayor of Lille who said that job creation due to the opening of shops on Sunday were "a mirage".  Wrong, said the Minister. Stating that the work of Sunday "is a regular or occasional reality for 30% of the French", it will offer "more flexibility on the ground" with the possibility given to the mayors to allow the opening "twelve Sundays a year, a month ‘ in ‘zones with strong potential economic and tourism’, including the Grands Boulevards and some stations. The objective of the Minister is "simplify the device with compensation and majority agreements. In companies with more than 11 employees, those who work on Sunday on the voluntary basis will be ‘paid double, with compensatory rest. Concerning unemployment insurance, Macron proved prudent, stating that it is a ‘ acquired social key "it"must be defended. But he acknowledged that "mass unemployment allows more to fund in a satisfactory manner" and that "the debate is political." The public authorities and the social partners are going to "discuss in 2015 to prepare the reform of 2016", he said. Asked about the regulated professions (bailiffs, notaries, pharmacists, etc.), Macron insisted on the necessity to ‘modernize’ and ‘unlock’ tariffs or even the conditions of consolidation or transfer, with regard to pharmacies. The Minister announced the creation of a "great profession of enforcement of the law" which would primarily concern the bailiffs. . Additional information can be read reading url.