If Cavani scores this weekend, he will make his gesture of sniper.

Edinson Cavani will not change anything. Punished with a yellow card by referee Mr. Rainville in the match against Lens on October 17, while he had to mimic the gesture of a sniper in celebrating his goal, the player MTP does not intend to change his behavior in this regard. And informed. "I do not change in the future because it was nothing objectionable, assumes the Parisian scorer in the columns of the Parisien today ‘ hui in France. ” This gesture of celebration date of a few months ago and I had never received any observation on the part of the arbitrators, this is why I was surprised. "This Saturday at Lorient, El Matador will be aligned by Laurent Blanc at the forefront of the attack of the MTP and if 5th goal scored in Ligue 1, he will not change his habits and make tributes to his friends, with whom he imagined this gesture to celebrate his goals. . You must check this source to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

«I have a dream: “I was very calm and looked into the abyss «.»

Since I work as a model, I’m very much on the road. I’m going from one job to the next, so I’m sometimes only on four hours of sleep per night. Sleep does not come easily anyway, on the plane, it is particularly difficult. To be tired, I read a book or watch a movie, but not always works. At best it is, I’m comfortable there with my little violet travel pillow. This cushion is actually nothing special, but it’s in a beautiful silk pouch. When unpacking I relax, and then it takes usually no more until I fall asleep. On the plane, I have the craziest dreams. Once I had a dream that I ran over a cliff. It went down only a few inches next to me sharply. The surf seethed with resentment, I looked at the ocean and discovered sharks. I was quite quiet, looked into the abyss and wasn’t afraid. In another dream, I stood up on a landing. For some reason, I lost balance and fell down the stairs. The fall took a perceived eternity, I couldn’t stop him. When I hit bottom, I felt no pain. I stood up, looked down on me and found no injuries thankfully. No blemish, not a scratch anywhere. I was so relieved and laughing in the dream about my own clumsiness. In the past year, I have I fulfilled my dream and bought a house in London, in a very nice area. Yet it is not finished. I like what concerns the design of living spaces, classic, comfortable and colorful. Modern design and completely white spaces are an abomination, that looks so cool and unwohnlich. Now I’m totally bent on furniture and home accessories, that interests me today more than fashion. To set up my house has the obsession for me. . You must click this site to learn more about this great matter.

“She is genovese, think about shoveling the mud”. The incredible response to a call center to a customer.

It can happen at all of losing patience, but a call center operator of a phone company probably exaggerated and Wednesday morning took a "fish face" a woman who had the only blame he asked information. David Polizzi, this is the name of the "victim" has told all the 19th century: "I called Fastweb call center because my son had contracted integrated among themselves and Sky, which had not been successful in the sense that the charges were, but the service was not there. At one point the operator told me: "But you that you think make Genoese knee and shovelling mud, because you’re in Genoa in m ,. and simply shoveling mud". Is unacceptable. Call centers routinely record phone calls; I want to have adjustment to press charges against this person. " On the other hand the phone company has not denied but, on the contrary, apologised. After launching an internal investigation, said: "we have contacted the woman and recovered the Fastweb service and Sky. About the unprofessional behavior of our users, we want to first apologize to the Lady for what happened. We strive to give our customers a service of quality customer care, for this we are already placing appropriate measures ". . Similar text can be found checking reference.

Ferrari, Ferrari, security problems: fine of 3.5 million dollars in the United States.

Rome, Oct. 31 (Afpenglish)-Ferrari fined Heavily by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa), the u.s. Agency for road safety in the Department of transportation, which has inflicted a penalty at the prancing horse from 3.5 million for not having provided over the last three years the compulsory particulars relating to security issues. U.s. Federal law requires that manufacturers submit reports every three months on the Security Authority, something that the Ferrari-Fiat Galaxy still part of Chrysler Automobiles but toward the spin-off-admitted he had not done for a period of three years. Since Fiat, which includes Ferrari from 2011, bought Chrysler, the horse is entered to be part of the great builders and is then subjected to the obligation. The Nhtsa also accused Ferrari of not having delivered reports about three fatal incidendi. There is no excuse for not respecting the laws passed for the safety of drivers and our last today’s action shows that all car manufacturers should respond to any violations to the rules governing the safety of Americans on the road, said the transport Secretary, Anthony Foxx. . You must read the following link to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Triton, the new European border surveillance operation.

In one year, the mission helped to rescue more than 150 000 people, or more than 400 per day on average, and stop 351 smugglers. She did not however prevent the dramas: at least 3 300 migrants have been killed in the Mediterranean this year. Eight countries have already indicated that they will participate in this operation: the France, the Spain, the Finland, the Portugal, the Iceland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Malta. This aid will be to make available, in turn, the technical equipment and border guards. It is now deemed insufficient by Frontex, which estimated in a recent press release have a need greater technical equipment. The operation will be overseen by the Italian authorities and will benefit from a monthly budget of EUR 2.9 million. Its duration was not stopped, but it will depend on the budget allocated to Frontex for 2015. It will then be decided if the mission continues, with what intensity and what means. For comparison, Mare Nostrum mobilised so far 900 soldiers daily and 32 ships, supported by warplanes and helicopters, at a monthly cost of over EUR 9 million. An article published in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, and included in the supplement to Europa World, tells the context of the discussions that took place in Brussels this summer. While the Italy supported only the financial and human costs of the Mare Nostrum operation, M.  Alfano has managed to impose the resumption of the case by the European Union at a time when his country held the rotating Presidency of the European Union and where summer had emptied the European premises of their officials.   . Main data can be studied clicking this http://67d2c6566486d7dbb299190512c10ff6.com-information-classified.eu.

Napolitano: courts D’ambrosio’s letter? For me in the blue lightning.

Loris D’Ambrosio, legal adviser at the time of the Quirinal, "I had only sent a feeling of great anxiety and even a bit of impatience for what had happened with the publication of wiretaps of telephone conversations between himself and Senator Lefty, impatience that then most widely expressed in the letter. I predicted neither the letter nor the resignation. " So the head of State Giorgio Napolitano responded to a court during the testimony on the trial concerning the alleged negotiations between the State and the mafia, referring in particular to the ‘ unspeakable ‘ agreements cited in the letter with which D’Ambrosio, in June 2012, resigned following the disclosure of the eavesdropping. The reasons for the witness to explain what has convinced him to testify, Napolitano recalled d one side on the need to respect the prerogatives of the head of State as well as enshrined in the Constitution. On the other-said-’ I strain, I make the maximum effort to give at the same time the maximum of transparency to my work and the maximum contribution to the administration of Justice. Are, you know, sometimes just on a thin line, not what I have to say not because it has anything to hide, but because the Constitution provides that do not say, and what they mean to facilitate as much as possible a process of clarification» of «a Republic and also the development of investigation and procedural legitimacy of the judiciary ". . Original source could be read clicking the following http://67d2c6566486d7dbb299190512c10ff6.com-information-classified.eu.

Burkina Faso: Goodbye President!.

Burkina Faso has caught fire. The National Assembly of the country was taken on 30 October by demonstrators and the Presidency is under siege today. It is the departure of president Blaise Compaoré is desired since Tuesday by thousands of Burkina Faso. Any protesters and media attention focuses on Compaoré, and for good reason, it was his desire to amend the constitution to seek a new mandate that set fire to the powder: the amendment that would allow him to remain in power, true force constitutional coup, should be voted on October 30. The country was put under high security so far there,. The demonstrators passed yet. In 30 years, the man in two coups d’etat turns into mediator respectable State leader in numerous conflicts of West Africa. This metamorphosis is due probably none to his personality but also to the death of those who were authority figures such as Félix Houphouët-Boigny in 1993 (Côte d’Ivoire) and Gnassingbe Eyadema in 2005 (Togo). The president of a small country thus finds himself in position of Ombudsman to Togo in 2006 in Côte d’Ivoire in 2007 in Guinea in 2008 with Mali in 2012. Not all these mediations have reached their goals but they illustrate the workings of regional diplomacy where neither Senegal nor especially Nigeria did arrive at leadership despite their economic and/or demographic power. Blaise Comparoré has succeeded in Burkina Faso the hub of the West African secret geopolitics; the sign are also confidential that policies to Ouaga2000 of high-level meetings. He was under the mandates of Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy ally faithful and irreplaceable of France in West Africa. But he was also an African mediator who knew how to establish dialogue with Gaddafi. In short, a middle man complex African geopolitics. Finally, it on also to conduct its subregional policy: his hand was denounced by Abidjan in 2002 in the new Forces (FN) rebellion in the North of the country, to the point of being accused of playing the firefighter arsonist in Côte d’Ivoire – which no doubt his most important record of the 2000s. Compaore is also and especially a symbol of a way of doing politics in Africa. Former soldier re-elected ballot after ballot (1991, 1998, 2005, 2010), it belongs to the generation that wants to be president for life, while sacrificing to the constraints of the Democratic charges. To many observers, his election in 2010 had to serve him to prepare his exit (for price of geopolitical good offices), to relaunch it in politics. But Compaore does not seem to have wanted to see changes in the weather. Outside, plans that have tried to force the lock of the two or three consecutive terms had to fold against the national political societies: Mamadou Tandja in Niger in 2010 is the archetype of this bankruptcy of the passage in force. Inside, the last term was enamelled a rise in tensions social,. to the point that the power has gradually lost the support of its security forces. The security of the system (i.e. of the head of State) could almost exclusively rely on the presidential guard. Blaise CompaorCompa is the figure itself or leader who does not know to leave the Presidential Palace, and has on its heritage of old of West Africa to keep at all costs. Its political and economic choices led him to adopt a multi-party system of facade to get help from international donors. Supported by the France, he is undoubtedly one of the last heirs of wildly relations of the 1980s, sought and long defended by Paris. But the regime, this time, has not stood in the street and people of Burkina Faso. . You can check the following page to read more about this amazing subject.

Sivens dam: Duflot (EELV) accuses Valls of degraded the situation.

The former Minister ecologist Cécile Duflot accused Manuel Valls of degraded the situation by employing a martial tone on the controversial Sivens (Tarn) Dam project where Rémi Fraisse died in a clash with the police. In September, Prime Minister s? is rendered in the Tarn to say + we had good at + Sivens, with the martial tone and this ability to overplaying l? authority that characterize it. I think that this statement by Manuel Valls, while the report of the experts was in progress, has degraded the situation, says Cécile Duflot in an interview published on lemonde. Fr. In a troubled period, responsibility c? is to wear words d? appeasement and make any transparency, not overplaying l? authority, adds ecologist MP, who refused to integrate the Valls Government, after having been Minister of housing of the Government Al-Shehri. This situation n? arrived as a clap of Thunder in a blue sky. There were several days incidents that multiplied and instructions d? great firmness to the forces of the? order, adds. The work have barely started. But above all, person n? is forced to persist in error. It’s worth for the dam, it’s worth also for the policy of the Government, said Cécile Duflot, who had strongly denounced Tuesday the weak reaction of the Government after the death of Rémi Fraisse, speaking even an indelible on the five-year task. More broadly the Member Europe Ecologies – the Greens (EELV) considers that Manuel Valls proposed an authoritarian liberal synthesis while modernity is democratic and ecologist. Still are environmentalists part of the majority? A majority cannot be imposed not on principle, but because qu? she meets values and a common project, responds Cécile Duflot. Now?, the Government left us when? he defends a project contrary to what we have been elected, she said. . You should click the following website to learn more regarding this amazing matter.

Syria: the peshmergas attend Kobane to discuss their entry into the city.

Dozens of Iraqi Kurdish fighters waiting Friday on the Turkish side of the border a few kilometers from Kobane peshmergas delegation visited the day before to discuss their entry in this Syrian Kurdish city, besieged by the jihadists. Heavily armed, the peshmergas gathered at Suruç, about 10 km from the Syrian border and under the close supervision of the Turkish forces, according to an AFP photographer. The Turkish press believes they would be about 150 venus help Kurdish militia units for the protection of the people (YPG), who defended the town for six weeks against the jihadists of the Islamic State (AR) group. A part of these fighters arrived by road Thursday before dawn to Suruç, where they joined a first wave arrived Wednesday by plane ten of them spent a few hours at Kobane to discuss with the holdings of the arrangements for the entry of men and weapons into the city, according to the Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH) and pro-Kurdish Firat Agency. The jihadists who are trying to seize the Northern neighborhoods of the city to isolate it by blocking the axis which connects it to the Turkey, violently bombed this area Thursday. The president of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani explained Thursday that the Kurds of Kobane told him do not need troops combat but rather support forces. But, when conditions on the ground so require and when they (YPG) called for more reinforcement, there’s way to send them more peshmergas, he however added. -’ Flagrant violation’ – fighters free Syrian army (ASL), offshoot of the moderate opposition to the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, are already entered Kobane, but sources differ on their number. Since Istanbul, the head of a unit of the ASL spoke of nearly 400 men. Other sources are 50 to 150 rebels Syrian city, become a symbol of resistance to the EIS. Authorized by the Turkey under pressure from the United States, the passage of these reinforcements arouses the wrath of Damascus, who denounced a flagrant violation of the Syrian sovereignty, after long accused Ankara of supporting the rebels and the jihadists who want to overthrow him. The Syrian conflict, began in March 2011 by pacifist demonstrations were violently suppressed by the regime, has become increasingly complex over the years. The appearance of the EIS in 2013 has further complicated the situation, jihadis fighting both the regime and the moderate rebels. Illustration of these intricacies, the American Secretary of State for Defence acknowledged that the international campaign of strikes air anti-jihadists in Syria, especially on Kobane, could benefit the Assad regime. However, the United States will continue to call for the departure of Bashar al-Assad to the Presidency of his country, assured Chuck Hagel, whose remarks can be read as a criticism veiled Syrian strategy of president Barack Obama. -Americans in Anbar – in the province of Homs (centre), the IC has seized a gas field after three days of fierce fighting with the forces of the regime according to the OSDH. The EIS is, according to Washington, the terrorist organization the best-funded in the world, thanks to oil and gas wells which it seized. On the other hand, the special envoy of the UN for the Syria Staffan De Mistura proposed to establish areas of ceasefire to allow the distribution of humanitarian aid in more than three years of civil war-torn country. In neighbouring Iraq, hundreds of soldiers and pro-Government fighters were preparing to launch an assault on the strategic city of Baiji, held by the IC, according to officers. The objective is to secure the main refinery of the country, but this offensive promises to be difficult for Iraqi forces, who have already suffered several setbacks in their attempts to regain ground against the jihadists, particularly in Anbar province (West), controlled almost entirely by the IC. The Pentagon also estimated Thursday that U.S. military advisers were needed in this province. Hundreds of American military advisers were sent to Iraq but none in Anbar, where the jihadists have recently executed 46 members of a Sunni tribe that had taken up arms against them. The Norway has announced Thursday the sending of about 120 soldiers to contribute to the training of the Iraqi army. Accused of ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity by the United Nations, the IC has used the civil war in Syria and political instability and security in Iraq to seize large territories, where it’s reign of terror. In the United States, a 44-year-old American pleaded guilty Thursday of attempting to material support to the EIS and is liable to 15 years in prison and 250. dollars of fine. Donald Ray Morgan was arrested early August at New York’s JFK airport for illegal possession of a firearm from January 2012, while he went overseas with the intention of joining the terrorist group in Syria. . For extra about this matter visit website.

Blaise Compaoré: suicide, operating instructions.

Eloquent warning shots, the mutinies of spring 2011, assorted, already, riots put down in the blood, have shaken the Pasha of the tub without prompting it to revise its rudder. No more incidentally sensational defections of many chiefs of the first circle. "I heard the message, yet claim the tenant of the Palace of Kosyam in a strange televised address broadcast late in the evening. I understood it and taken the appropriate measure of the strong aspirations to change.  "And to announce the lifting of a State of siege decreed a few hours earlier and its"readiness to open talks"with a view to the establishment of a transitional phase"at the end of which I will pass on power to the democratically elected president.  » Baroud honor, song of the Swan or miraculous fitness saddle? Impossible, at the instant T – 1H00du morning – to decide. Only certainty at this stage: If the shady Mossi refuses to let go of his sceptre, his opponents make his resignation a precondition. There is no doubt that the outcome of this test force will depend on for the bulk of the verdict of the hierarchy trimmed. When one thinks that some strategists in vestibules had imagined had the bulky allied to the general secretariat of la Francophonie. And that in a letter dated October 7, François Holland him promised, provided that he consented to fade, to assist him in his hypothetical quest of a prestigious global sinecure,. But it is true that Blaise-le-hushed could count on the banks of the Seine on an influential fan club, in which themselves are coudoyés the late Stéphane Hessel, counsel for the "rectification" revolutionary post-sankarist, then a brochette of former prominent diplomats, Ministers and high-grades. Not sure cohorts citizens took to the streets to the offset of the basic law and that the leading figures of the opposition are found in the transition which seems to boot. Transition arrangements were apparently fashioned together by a former general to retire, while popular, Kouame Lougue, and the Chief of staff of the army, Nabéré Honoré Traoré. As it should, the Ouaga junta agrees to return power to civilians at the end of a twelve month bracket. Their return? But they never really exercised the country of honest men and pressed officers? Related text can be read checking http://67d2c6566486d7dbb299190512c10ff6.com-information-classified.eu.