London denied “Pro player” Blanc entry.

He called pick-up-artist – so artists pull up. His opponents call Julien Blanc, however, a violent misogynist. He offers seminars, in which he shows men methods, to suborn women against their will. Britain has now denied entry to Blanc. Also the domestic policy expert of the Labour opposition, Yvette Cooper, had asked the Interior Ministry in a letter to deny entry to the misogynist dating guru. Some British feminists had argued, you should enter Blanc and Court make him – if he violates laws. Others had branded Blanc in an Internet petition as a violent misogynist and over 120 000 collected signatures calling for a ban. On its Internet page, presents itself as a dating coach Blanc and provides seminars, in which men should learn tear practices, many critics perceive as violent and demeaning to women. In Australia, Blanc had to cancel some performances and leave, because his visa was withdrawn after protests. Resistance to Blancs entry is formed in Germany. . Related text can be read visiting

Cup Davis: for Federer, it will not necessarily set Thursday.

The draw Thursday will not necessarily lift the uncertainty weighing on the participation of Roger Federer in the final of the Davis Cup, which takes place this weekend in Villeneuve d’Ascq, but will unveil the composition of the team of France the suspense is over and could remain so until Friday. Will Federer, the No. 2 global, injured his back, be ready in time to defend the chances of the Switzerland?His absence would change radically the context of this finale, which would lose in brightness. It would especially of France the huge favorite, Switzerland has no player likely to offset the package of its star at 17 Grand Slam titles. Federer had felt discomfort in the back during his semi-final at the Masters facing compatriot Stan Wawrinka (N. 4), Saturday in London. It has not prevented to prevail, after saving four match points. But Sunday, he had to give up playing the final against Serbian Novak Djokovic. And since he did not train, although he assured Tuesday in press conference go better than the previous days and be optimistic. The draw, which will be held at 12:30 at the Chamber of commerce and industry of Lille, should not shed real light on his State of health, as it is likely that the Swiss will play the bluff to the end. Regulation allows them to align it to Friday when the draw and then remove it no later than one hour before the start of the match, after see his injury by a sworn physician. Séverin Lüthi, the Swiss captain, deprive probably not leave doubt. He prays obviously to be able to have his No. 1 because his potential replacement Marco Chiudinelli is far from representing the same threat. -La France a choice – 33 years of Age, this great friend of Federer is more than 212th world and won only six singles in Davis Cup career, including only two stakes. In the end, the Swiss may decide to overlook one of the two singles Friday, preserving Federer if he is not 100%. He would then have an additional rest day, and would remain in reserve for Saturday double and a possible fifth game Sunday. However, this bet would be bold, as it would pressure huge on the shoulders of Wawrinka, almost forced the shot to win his first game. The team of France also has the crucial decisions to be taken, but for other reasons. Unlike Switzerland, it has rather spoilt for choice. Arnaud Clément, HABs captain, explained Tuesday have progressed in its reasoning, without obviously wanting to say more. We started to discuss it all together, it moves well. You’ll see Thursday on the tables, he said. The France has four substantially equivalent level singles players, with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (N. 12), Gaël Monfils (N. 19), Gilles Simon (N. 21) and Richard Gasquet (N. 26). Julien Benneteau (N. 26) is considered as double specialist. If there is no doubt that Tsonga – who has always lived up to expectations in Davis Cup and is claimed as the leader of the team – will play one of the two singles, the choice of who will accompany him on the short Friday is less obvious. This should a priori between Monfils and Gasquet, Gilles Simon, often disappointing in Davis Cup, seemingly condemned to the role of substitute. Monfils is more naturally at ease on clay, and like to play matches in overheated atmospheres pressure. GASQUET, he proved to be probably the most convincing when preparing and had scored points in the semifinals against the Czech Republic. . You should check the following to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

Forbidden to sit open-legged subway campaign in New York.

When travelling on public transport, throughout the world, often you must deal with people too exuberant or pushy as those which occupy two or more baby back carriers just because they love to sit with legs apart. For this reason, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, the agency that runs the subways and buses, Big Apple prepares to say stop to similar behaviors with a campaign to raise awareness of the problem. The campaign on all trains and subway stations in New York will start from next January and will aim to make it clear to passengers that is disrespectful take too much space on the seats. The operation will target mainly men, i.e. those who most often love to sit as on a Chair, but not only the way you sit. As explained a spokesman for the Mta, in fact, the campaign will be targeted at people who continue to wear backpacks in cars bumping other passengers. . You should visit this to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Huge tumor removed at an 11-year-old boy after 12 hours.

After surgery for more than 12 hours, a 11-year-old boy has been released from a huge tumor that had hit a few years ago and that had grown increasingly spreading to the neck, shoulders and trunk. The Mexican boy was operated in New Mexico in the United States where in the meantime had moved with his family thanks to the interest of the US Homeland Security Investigations. The Organization in 2012 attended the 11enne and her parents to take them away from a terrible neighborhood delal Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, one of the Mexicans infamous for brutal violence carried out by drug cartels. The surgery took place last Monday at the children’s Hospital of the University of New Mexico. The surgery, which involved a total of 25 medical professionals, has succeeded perfectly but, as doctors have explained, the way for the boy’s recovery will be long. The fact 11enne you will have to submit to other interventions to rebuild the bone of the shoulder and to remove the excess skin. . You should visit the following to discover extra on this great matter.

Israel demolishes homes of bombers.

You are back at the site of the terrorist attack yesterday. Pray in the early morning the members of the synagogue in Har NOF in the West of Jerusalem again together.   The newspapers and the Israeli online pages show photos of the attack, bloodstained books and Gebetsschals inside the synagogue, blood on the wall. This brings Tsipi Hotovely, Deputy Minister in the Netanyahu Cabinet, in rage: A Chief of the domestic intelligence service is unworthy, his Office if he attacked those Jews who wish to take their legal rights on the Temple Mount in right. He spread false accusations, although quite clear is that all of the blood lust from the Palestinian leadership. And the attacks of the Palestinians were there first, long before one of us went on the Temple Mount. Considered one of the predecessors of the attacked Intelligence Chief reporting for Word. Ami Ayalon was until shortly before the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising in 2000 in the Office: the terror these days, this is no intifada, no organised insurrection. The Palestinian leadership nor the Hamas is behind it. No, this terror is the result of despair and hopelessness, especially in Jerusalem. The atmosphere is one of religious radicalisation in the whole region. . For extended information on this matter check

Dujardin and Hazanavicius ready for a new OSS 117.

The first two adaptations of french secret agent had been carried out in 2005 (Cairo, nest of spies) and 2009 (Rio unresponsive). The Director Oscar winner in 2012 with The Artist is however primarily concentrated on his new project The Search with Bérénice Bejo, and released in room next Wednesday. The tandem had already addressed the third OSS 117 project in an interview with Le Figaro, a few years ago: "all the people who participated in the first and the second love this character and would thus explained Michel Hazanivicius. The idea is to make one different film of others. As regards me I need a little time to find a freshness, a good idea. I think that if we did it now it would be too close to the first two. Do it because people are waiting for him is not a good reason. Everyone expects so much adulterated the theme of ‘Françafrique’ need to find something else. We must both meet the expectations of the public and do something completely new. If you do what people expect, they are very disappointed. They have the feeling that they could have done. "In short, it’s complicated." Jean Dujardin had even specified how it would be in the film: "we must create desire and find the idea. Otherwise it’ll ‘snoring’. Anyway I’ll grow old. Therefore, OSS will be older. If it were a film now, our poor spy would have an ugly face. It is true that with his camera slung in Rio unresponsive, it was already really task. Wait-and-see. » . You can read the following hyperlink to learn more on this great matter.

The CEO has resigned this evening from the Office and all other offices covered in the group over a inform the company In talks, but the background is all in the announced by the airline. According to what has been learned, in fact, Akfed Fund of Prince Aga Khan, would be on the line of the carrier’s reorganization. Scaramella wanted to press ahead with the restructuring and investment to revive the company, studied in the business plan he put in black and white with various step. After the restoration with the project of the former For the revival through an injection of fresh cash, at least a few tens of millions of euros, in order to ensure the future and the development of the second Italian airline. Money, without second thoughts, will not come unless reduced extent. The substance has produced a final divorce between resulted in between the two. Confirmed, however, as President Mark Rigotti. In place of Sachin with the title of executive vice President will be joined by two consultants,-listed as his right-hand man-for economic and financial management, and specialized in aircraft acquisition and divestitures. The BOD has then completed the tasks respectively Accountable manager appointing Meridiana fly and Air Italy. It will now have to deal with on redundancies and pursue the restructuring: the Board has fully confirmed the mobility procedure, reaffirming the mandate to reduce costs, the recovery of competitiveness and financial stability. The table was reopened Tuesday to Olbia with maintenance, resuming next Monday with the pilots and flight attendants. Closes the manager leaves the post after almost two years in the midst of a dispute in which the company committed itself to deal with the ‘ red ‘ budgets. His admirers credit him from 120 million in 2012 to about 50 estimated in 2014. An obstacle course and a strong exposure in recent months have earned him threats and harsh intimidation. . For additional data about this topic click site.

WebSeries: when youth speak to youth.

For webseries creators that have more than thirty years, the statistics are cruel. They say that to make a success with a fiction should aim for a "target audience" aged fifteen to twenty-five years. This is not quite true, because there is a potential global audience for every fiction on the web. Only Internet users who are in this age group Golden are the most active. They share, they comment, they love, they keep in their favorites and are thus live and grow their favourite webseries. The thirtysomethings and their also consume fiction on the web, but those don’t click, do not subscribe, share almost never, and drop the voice when they admit to having already seen a Web series. Will take care of them Friday, but today I present to you exclusively series ‘of young people for young people and by young people. I also want to start by saying that these young people have taste. At the recent festival of all screens Geneva their special jury awarded Love Hotel experience (ex aequo with Last Hijack) as better transmedia work. It is an Anglo-French (a co-production of FranceTV news entries) designed and produced by Phil Cox which does not appear to priori necessarily "for young people", but that seduced them because it uses their communication tools. It is an interactive experience that one lives two and where one chooses its environment and atmosphere to spend a virtual and sensual in anonymity with a partner to whom appointment was given. Here is the presentation: the youth of today have many dreams and ambitions that those yesterday, but unlike previous generations, they measure of distance, the efforts and of shots separating them from their goals. Mythomania is a very nice Web series that chronicles the early chaotic and more than uncertain of a young aspiring designer who tries to pick up a first publication for his comics. And when the chance finally arises, this is only the beginning of the event. It is a ‘dramedy’ in nine episodes very well done and very beautiful (the program is created and directed by Derek Kirk Kim). It dates of 2011 and a second season was planned who unfortunately has not yet seen the day. Almost in the same tone and about the same subject of the "difficult debut", I would remind you in passing the Web series Brooklyn in is Love which I have already spoken on this blog is one of the standards of the genre. For these young writers who write these webseries, there’s a big advantage. Young people spend a lot of time together discussing the smallest events in their lives. The band of buddies is a permanent confessional and even the most mundane experiences become thrilling stories – at least for those who are the same age. Thus, plethora of webseries that are species of dialogue reports between "BFF" (Best Friends Forever). Many romances, accessories ‘fashionable’, betrayals that hurt and many doubts and uncertainties expressed via texting, skype, facetime, ‘you name it’ and even why not voice a drink in a cafe. Most of these programs have exactly the same starting pitch that can be summarized by: "I was not told that life was ‘ and ‘I must not become one of those pathetic adults seen in the television series. In Twenty Five of Josh Duboff, are three friends who attempt to drill in New York. And that is exactly the same thing with almost the same title in Twenties, Chris Lamica where three friends try to support each other in the turbulence of the existence. They almost that discuss between them in the two seasons of The Digressions, Andrew Dahl and Aubrey Saverino (it is all the same quite funny) that reminds a little of the excellent French Web series Authentik. This reproducible concept to infinity almost perfectly summarized in the trailer (and title) of Young Like Us, a Web series that will soon start and where it is above all not lose sight, do everything to remain always friends and together. . Similar text can be read checking

The homeless in France: from more and more women and children.

Tell those homeless are deprived of personal accommodation, sleeping in a place not intended for habitation (streets, public garden, station, squat, etc) or are housed in emergency centres or other structures for longer periods. According to the survey, a majority of homeless (55%, 45 000 people) were born abroad, including more than half in a country in Africa (Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa), often francophones. Among the 16. 000 francophones, two-thirds were born in a country in Europe from the East or in the ex-USSR. It is a population largely young and male, but women (38%) and children are increasingly numerous, especially among the homeless born abroad: 40% are accompanied by children, compared with only 16% for the homeless born in France. Near SDF 4 out of 10 live in more precarious conditions, in centres that they must leave every morning without being sure to regain a place at night or in hotels. And 10% are homeless. A proportion which rises to 14% in the Paris region, due to the growing number of homeless and the pressures. Unsurprisingly, the homeless have very low monthly resources: 80% have less than 900 euros per month and 30% do not reach 300 euros. More than three-quarters are inactive or unemployed, and most unexpected, 24% work, but are often part-time, low-skilled and precarious jobs. They are mostly employees or workers, and 22% have no contract of employment. More than 4 SDF on 10 never lived in self-contained staff accommodation. And for those who have already had one, 35% have lost because of family difficulties (separation, death of a spouse, conjugal violence), 30% due to financial problems (loss of employment, high rents, evictions, etc.). . Root source may be found checking this blog.

The Olympic reform puzzle by IOC President Bach.

Relaxed and confident IOC President Thomas Bach in Lausanne presented by 2020 the 40 recommendations his comprehensive reform agenda, with which he wants to lead the IOC and Olympic to a better future. It is a puzzle. When merging all parts, creates an image that preserves the uniqueness of Olympic Games and strengthens the role of sport in society, said of the top Olympians. We’re trying to get through all 40 points. Must be the big line, is the vision, announced Bach. His IOC colleagues must vote on the extraordinary plenary meeting on 8 and 9 December in Monte Carlo on the proposals. DOSB President Alfons Hörmann ruled out a joint Olympic bid by Berlin and Hamburg after first interpretation of proposed reforms of the IOC. Hall welcomed the IOC measures. They encourage us to move our efforts consistently to a German application with Berlin or Hamburg for 2024 and 2028 if necessary. Both concepts are our response to the invitation of the IOC to potential Olympic candidates, if you like. The IOC got it significantly easier for Olympic competitors to organize several kinds of sports or contests outside the candidate city, Hall said. Accurate reading of texts a conceptual approach of an application with two cities seems neither productive nor feasible, us still the DOSB President said. We will clarify these and other important questions however 2020 again after the final adoption of the agenda. At the latest since the global negative headlines about the $50 billion-expensive retort games from Sochi with all their sins, Olympia cries out for reform. Bach hopes to be able to develop and establish as politically neutral, autonomous organisation the IOC. The host contract regularly criticized by Olympic opponents should be published for reasons of transparency in the future, recorded non-discrimination due to sexual orientation under principle 6 in the Olympic Charter. In addition, it is intended to strengthen the independence of the IOC Ethics Commission. Also a private channel, which should help the Olympic sports between the Games far more attention, is part of the new orientation. For a successful reform, the IOC out from the impasse, the rings organization through the Sochi games has got into the must. At the vote in Monte Carlo, the IOC members in their own hands have it. The IOC also is not permanently ignore the recent scandal surrounding the World Football Association FIFA and the controversial World Cup contracts in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022). Bach wanted to say nothing on the subject of FIFA and its President Blatter on Tuesday. . You should click this to discover extra on this interesting matter.