Explosive details from the night of the murder – Oscar Pistorius was on the phone with his ex.

Former Sprint star was on the phone with his ex-girlfriend of Jenna Edkins, when he came home in the evening of the murder of the model Reeva Steemkamp. It reported the British "mirror" in calling on the South African journalist Barry Bateman and Mandy Wiener. According to the South African journalists, Jenna Edkins should be under the name "Babyshoes" Pistorius phone book. The number is registered on Edkins father, is used by Pistorius ex-girlfriend. The two journalists Bateman and Vienna To want the details in the book "Behind the door" of the murder trial of the Olympic star publish Pistorius. Oscar Pistorius was sentenced by a court in Pretoria for negligent manslaughter. The 27-year-old to have murdered his ex-girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s day with four shots through the closed bathroom door. The final sentence is still pending, is expected but for the 13 October 2013. Pistorius expect imprisonment up to 15 years in the worst case. Currently is the sprinter on bail in freedom. . Related facts can be inspected checking http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

Moscovici that the tax on financial transactions to succeed quickly.

Pierre Moscovici, future Commissioner for Economic Affairs and taxation, said Thursday attached to the tax on financial transactions (TTF), hope to see the project completed by the end of the year. This tax, which is the subject of enhanced cooperation between 11 European countries, is on the table for 2012 and is expected to enter into force in 2016, but the views of his supporters remain divergent. The TTF will contribute to the financial sector to bring its fair share, it will deter activities such as trading high frequency, a highly speculative activity, and to finance the fight against poverty and climate change, said Mr Moscovici during his hearing before the Committee on Economic Affairs of the European Parliament. The 11 countries participating in the project are struggling to agree on the future tax base. If they agree to apply it to the actions, it is also planned to extend it to some derivatives, it’s set. But some countries, such as the France, are reluctant due to the heavy weight of the derivatives market in their economy. It is necessary that certain derivatives at least should be taxed, it is vital, assured Mr Moscovici. I have a vision proactive and ambitious of this charge I want to lead under the Italian Presidency of the EU, either by end of December. More generally, it is said for an extension of enhanced cooperation on the basis of voluntary taxation. Any change in tax rules at European level is difficult because it is unanimity which applies between 28. We’re too paralyzed by rules of unanimity, he said. It also pronounced on the taxation of digital, believing that it is the place where forms the benefit that must be taxation. The Giants-European Internet as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple are regularly singled out due to the gap between the taxes they pay and the profits they make in Europe. jlb-cel-pre. Inspirational data can be read checking this http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

Popularity: Holland and Valls straighten in October (YOUGOV).

POPULARITY – This isn’t a spectacular rebound, but in the current context, all good news are good to take. The growing popularity of François Holland and Manuel Valls fits very slightly upward according to the barometer YouGov for the month of October the HuffPost and Itele. A thrill nevertheless insufficient to exit the area red and which owes much to exceptional circumstances. If strikes ordered against the Iraq and national solidarity reflex after the assassination of Hervé Giordano probably contributed to the improvement of the image of the president and his Prime Minister, the effectiveness of the Government and its political choices continues to be subject to the same release. And it is very likely that the loss of the Senate (which occurred after this poll) will also negatively impact the next wave of our barometer. 82% of those surveyed continue to call into question his management of the economy, 73% denounce the incompetence of Ministers and 69% believe that the line defended by the Executive lacks clarity. Like an echo in new spending announcements while the deficits and the debt stop bolting. Survey on the Internet between 24 and 28 September 2014 (the quota method) on a representative sample of 1012 18 French and more. In partnership with: join the YouGov panel! Additional facts can be read checking http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

The France mired in a soft growth.

Fails As in the first quarter, growth was zero in the second. And promises to remain flat until the end of the year. A "performance" that could have been even more disappointing if the household consumption had not resisted, partially offsetting despairing trade sluggish and the fall of the business investment. To amplify the competitiveness Pact, which created the competitiveness and employment (CICE) tax credit, the head of State proposed a Covenant of responsibility and solidarity in January. Voted in last July, it will lighten over three years from 30 billion euros the weight of employers, relief which will add 11 billion of tax cuts. Rarely, if ever, a mostly left Government has done as much for enterprises. At the risk of destabilizing his majority and his constituents. Of course, some reforms, such as administrative simplification and standards, the flexibility of the labour market via the national interprofessional agreement (ANI) signed in January 2013, have already been launched. But the Executive would like to go further, to give pledges to Brussels in Exchange for his mercy on the question of the reduction of the public deficit. For its part, to straighten the exposed business competitiveness and reduce the deficit of the foreign trade of the France, France strategy proposes to reform the market in goods and services sectors sheltered economy such as real estate, services to businesses, legal and accounting services. The announced reform of the work of Sunday, which would be eased in some areas, changing social thresholds are also under consideration. Regarding the easing of the contract of employment and the reform of the 35-hour, it is not known yet if the new Minister of the economy will dare to tackle even though, since the interview at the end of August Point, we know with precision the substance of his thought,. Receive the endorsement of the Elysee? It would, on this point, on the same wavelength as Laurence Boone, the new economic adviser to François Holland. . For extra facts regarding this matter visit http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

Tax evasion, North twice as many irregularities in the South. “No more amnesties”.

The 52% of 91 billion euros of possible tax evasion in Italy stands on the North (22%) and to the South. It communicates the Ministry of economy. It is disturbing the percentage of companies found to be not in good standing as a result of controls: over 98%. You evade the taxman more to the North than to the South. It is one of the data that emerges from the report on combating drafted by the Ministry of economy and finance. According to Padoan, the sum total of the main taxes escapes (VAT, income tax and Ires, Irap) amounted to 91 billion. The 52% of this figure stands in the North, against the Central 24 billion (26% of total) and 19.8 billion (22 per cent) of the South. The data is influenced by the greater North national income.  Above all, write the Treasury, the technicians cringe at the percentage of checks on undertakings which find tax irregularities is 98.1% among the large, to 98.5% on average and at 96.9% to SMEs. The record includes non-commercial bodies, the 99.2% is not in good standing. 100% of ‘ positivity if controls on acts subject to registration.  However, the actual avoidance ‘ pizzicata ‘ by the Inland Revenue in 2013, noted the Mef, amounts to 24.5 billion. The largest known tax is so 87% rise in seven years, compared to $ 13.1 billion in 2006. A number declining compared to the years 2009-2012 and especially compared to 30.4 billion peak in 2011. In the same report on tax evasion, the Ministry of economy EC does know there will be no more amnesties. "Dall’Unit à of Italy today there have been over 80 amnesties", is written in the text that explains how these "undermine the credibility of the State, especially against honest taxpayers."   Escape the taxman "involves an increase in the level of the tax burden for taxpayers who carry out properly their tax obligations" and so "raises social inequity, undermines the principles of solidarity and legality upon which rests the Pact between the State and the citizens," says the Mef. "Who does not represent the amount due not only gets an immediate advantage in terms of increased financial resources, but benefits from the honesty of others". Now the Government thinks the two plans to solve the age-old problem of tax evasion: on the one hand "a strong contrast to the illicit action, in order to intervene in structural key on the phenomenon, on the other hand a deep path improvement of the relationship between tax authorities and taxpayers," said the Ministry of economy. In any case, it will seek tougher sanctions, with special attention to criminal business, "with the aim of making it more effective for more serious offences and mitigate the risk for those less serious, better coordinating with administrative penalties", the report says. . For extended insights regarding this matter click http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

John Galliano’s return at the head of a fashion house?

(Without job fixed since his departure from the House Dior in 2011 and the Group LVMH, fashion designer wants back in the game by the front door if possible.) Rumors say ready to take the reins of the couture of Maison Martin Margiela (MMM). The claw distills a fairly specific communication (non-disclosure) and has an aura that is quite unique to sign a return worthy of the name, without his strong personality – and reputation – can disrupt the essential, or creativity. MMM don’t like the commentary.  Renzo Rosso, its owner since 2009 many more. Italian is so cracked a few weeks ago a "which would not work with him?", who did that open the floodgates. Adding: "if he took his name, I’ll be the first to produce it." And the rumor is further increased with the announcement of the departure of Matthew Blazy, who headed the MMM couture Department, and Suzy Menkès had ‘NY’ dansVogue this summer. . Related info can be read checking http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.

Syria, Isis looks forward to ten thousand Kobane avid fighting Turkish soldiers on the border.

Fierce fighting is going on even today around the Kurdish city Kobane, in northern Syria that Islamic State (Isis) is trying to conquer. The jihadists are not more than two or three kilometres from the city, according to the National Observatory for human rights (Ondus). The Director of the NGO, Rami Abdel Rahman, told the Afp agency that the US-led International Coalition has accomplished five air raids on the jihadist forces, near the front line with Kurdish self-defense forces (Ypg). According to the Pan-Arab Al Jazeera television, almost all of the civilian population fled towards the nearby Kobane border with Turkey and in the city remain only Kurdish militias engaged in the fighting. The conquest of the city, whose Arabic name Ain al Arab, jihadists of Isis would allow to ensure the control of much of the land in northern Syria on the border with Turkey. According to the Ondus, 325 villages have already fallen into the hands of Islamic State from the beginning of the offensive, on 16 September, which continued despite the air raids of the international coalition in support of Kurdish forces and that has forced more than 160. 000 Kurdish civilians to flee."I am 10. 000 Turkish soldiers deployed on the border with Syria after artillery strikes on Sunday»: the Turkish newspaper Zaman writes. Ankara in a State of high alert in view of the go-ahead to anti-Isis shares, now at the center of a military-Government Summit. The head of the armed forces, Gen. Necdet Ozel informed the military Government plans to extend the Turkish contribution to the actions of the coalition against the Isis. Priority for Ankara the establishment of a buffer zone on the border. The Government has filed two separate motions to Parliament, one on the other Syria on Iraq. According to Zaman, involve sending troops on the ground. After the advance towards the Isis Kobane, the Turkish military have displaced at least 34 armored vehicles along the border. And Turkey ‘ bench in the sieges of Sulemain Shah’s Tomb in Aleppo: some 40 soldiers were already surrounded by a thousand of jihadists. Ankara was forced to deny their catch. . For extra information on this topic click link.

Jean-Pierre Cabestan: “mobilization of today will be crucial”.

China wants to maintain political control over Hong Kong especially in the selection of the Chief Executive, who remains the number one of the territory. The procedures imposed by Beijing, including the control of applications, are based on those that exist in China for the elections of village committees where a first sorting is done by the Communist Party. Chinese leaders have therefore implemented a formula which, for them, is the most liberal that is. They will not, substantively, call into question the principle of «1 country», 2 systems On the other hand, they want to replace the former colony in the right way, mainly by reducing the distance between the two systems and thus stop what they see as a drift of Hong Kong. Increasingly, in the eyes of Chinese leaders, the former British enclave became a subversive base where concentrate anti-Communist forces manipulated by the United States and the United Kingdom. There is no danger even though, historically, this piece of territory has been a place of reflection and exchange of ideas which fed opponents of the regime, for example at the end of the Manchu Empire. This is what interferes with the Chinese authorities. They have of course sent many people who are their eyes and ears. And that, where appropriate, may undertake actions of intimidation against activists. Paradoxically, China’s leaders have a latitude of broader than the Hong Kong Government. The latter is required to operate within the limits of the new electoral process decided on 31 August. While the leaders of mainland China can decide, for example, to withdraw or amend it. Imagine that they are faced with a difficult choice between repression and negotiation. On one side, there is a decision to the huge international repercussions, on the other, they avoid a crisis and keep instead of Hong Kong its prosperity. They could choose the second option. But we are not there and I do not today see them backtrack on the electoral process itself. It remains then to change heads, including the Chief Executive. But I doubt that they do so hot. I see them rather yield on non-strategic points and at the same time try to divide the movement attracting moderates. Today, given the scale of mobilization, common ground seems difficult to find. Today’s demonstration will be to this critical point of view. I do not no more overflow to mainland China. First, because the population there remains poorly informed of what is happening in the territory and, secondly, because there is little solidarity and part of the border. Many in China stand with a certain condescension Hong Kong and are not far from considered spoiled children. A mistrust that the inhabitants of the territory make them well. . For extended data on this topic click info.

Protests in Hong Kong: China’s regime tightened censorship.

The satellite of the US news channel CNN and the British BBC are always disturbed, when reports about Hong Kong. In China’s social media comments to Hong Kong will be deleted en masse. And on Wednesday, for the first time, the Web site of the English-language Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post was blocked. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are blocked in China anyway, also the photo platform Instagram is No more accessible at the ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square in addition to several representatives of the Communist Party of also Hong Kong’s controversial Prime Minister Leung Chun Ying took part. He pushed with the guests of honour on the holiday with a glass of sparkling wine. To hold general elections is better than to have at all no general election, Leung said at the ceremony. An important part of the ‘China dream’ is to maintain prosperity and stability in Hong Kong in the future. . You can click the following http://simyo.autopomoc.biz to learn more regarding this interesting subject.

PHOTOS. Hokusai at the Grand Palais: how the master of the Japanese print invented the manga.

The famous painting by Claude Monet which gave its name to the movement of the Impressionists has an eventful journey. The exhibition traces its history and confronts him at tables other masters, fifty-five works by Eugène Delacroix, Gustave Courbet, Eugène Boudin, Johan Barthold Jongking or William Turner Act allow better understanding of the training and the work of Monet in the early 1870s and the genesis of Impression, rising sun. Claude Monet, Impression, Sunrise (1872) oil on canvas 50x65cm, Musée Marmottan Monet, Paris exhibition takes place from September 18, 2014, on January 18, 2015 at the Musée Marmottan Monet in addition to alarmist timelines, the Mayans have left to posterity of hundreds of cities, revealing their advances to the artistic and architectural level. The exhibition retraces the technical prowess and richness of styles of this civilization, before the arrival of the conquistadores. Ceramic Vase tripod with figurines, Becan, Campeche, Mexico – old classic (250-600 a.d. j. – C.) The exhibition takes place from 7 October to February 8 at the Museum of the Branly Quay after two TV series, you thought that the Borgia had more secrets for you. That nenni. The Maillol Museum offers a new face to the most Machiavellian family of Italy who was also patron of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. Less than incest or carnal pleasures, more sculptures and paintings. Marble, portrait of Federico da Montefeltro (1475) Pesaro, Musei Civici, Palazzo Toschi Mosca exhibition takes place from September 17, 2014 to February 15, 2015, at the Musée Maillol Jeff Koons landed at Beaubourg. Grand Chamberlain of rococo cool kitsch, Blaster of the contemporary art market, American artist comes with its balloon dogs, his sculptures, paintings and his career controversial for a total immersion. Three Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (Dr. J Silver Series) (1985) glass, steel, distilled water, sodium chloride reagent, three basketballs exposure takes place from November 26 to 27 April 2015 at the centre Pompidou in Paris in addition to being anartiste, Marcel Duchamp was a painter. For those who are not convinced, the Pompidou centre reminds that the inventor of the readymade is also the author of Cubist painting nude descending a staircase (1912) and many other designs that will lead to the realization of the large glass, the bride stripped bare by her Bachelors, even, unfinished from 1910 to 1923. About younger sister, 1911, oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm / Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York the exhibition takes place from September 24 to January 5 at the centre Pompidou a score of urban artists revisit Salvador Dalí’s work and is there confront in a protean and provocative exhibition. A way to chat street art and Surrealism with guest stars of the work of Basquiat, Banksy or Keith Haring. In the eye of Dali, Speedy Graphito (2014) the exhibition takes place from September 11 to March 15 to the Dali area. Main facts can be read visiting this http://simyo.autopomoc.biz.