South Africa: a giraffe died on the highway, his head struck a bridge.

"@ewnreporter: #Giraffe have you spotted the two giraffe stuck on the N1 highway?" Tweet us!" Just drove past them. peak. Twitter. com/7lUq5ukGj6 – Pabi Moloi (@PabiMoloi) July 31, 2014 Look how low that bridge is and how tall the giraffes are. Who thought this one through? I wish I hadn’t seen this. peak. Twitter. com/as2jJkIwpv – Pabi Moloi (@PabiMoloi) July 31, 2014 a young giraffe died Thursday on a highway in Pretoria (South Africa), apparently after his head struck a bridge, so that it was travelling in the back of a truck, said the South African SPA. "Two giraffes were transported by road when one of them had an accident. We know well what has happened, but we were told that she hit her head against a bridge,"said Rick Allan, the local head of the society for the prevention of cruelty against animals (SPCA). The giraffe, which he described as being young and whose eyes were blindfolded during the trip, died of head injuries, he added, while the two animals photos taken by motorists began circulating on the internet. His companion had nothing. The SPCA has opened an investigation and could lodge a complaint against the owners of the animals, noted Mr. Allan. Many motorists have posted photos on social networks, before or after the drama. "Have you seen the two giraffes stuck on the road (Highway) No. 1? ” asked @Pabi Moloi. Tweet us! We just just rolled behind them. ""Look at how the bridge is low and how large are the giraffes, said @Pabi Moloi on Twitter. Who has thought this? I have preferred not to see what happened. For additional facts regarding this matter check

Gaza: what about the observance of the ceasefire of 72 hours?

According to a joint statement of John Kerry and the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, this ‘ceasefire without preconditions and that may be extended’ will not prevent the Israeli army, which has triggered hostilities on 8 July and entered the Gaza Strip 17, to continue its operations behind its current positions. This ceasefire is very important to give the innocent civilians a respite they need violence,"stated John Kerry in New Delhi. The 1.8 million civilians in Gaza will receive the humanitarian aid they urgently need"and will offer a respite for"bury their dead, caring for the wounded and replenish food", said the Secretary of State. The ceasefire should also allow the two parties to negotiations with the mediation of Egypt, "of background". Palestinian and Israeli delegations were expected Friday morning in Cairo for talks involving the Government intended to seek "a sustainable ceasefire" and Egyptian, according to the joint statement of the United Nations and Washington. A U.S. Envoy is expected to participate in the negotiations, according to a U.S. official. . Root data may be found reading the following page.

Japan: male life expectancy exceeds 80 years for the first time.

Japanese male life expectancy has crossed last year for the first time the bar for 80 years, but it is still far behind that of the women who hold the World Award for longevity, according to official statistics. So a Japanese boy born in 2013 can expect to live 80,21 years, against 79.94 in 2012, said this week the Department of health at the global level, it is however Hong Kong which overlooks the male classification (80.87 years), before the Iceland and Switzerland, the Japan finishing fourth. Japanese women have also, made progress of longevity. They are now likely to live up to 86,61 years, compared with 86.41 previously, beating little their Hong Kong counterparts (86.57). According to figures of the Jiji News Agency, their life expectancy was under 60 years of age in 1947. It took until 1984 that it exceeds 80 years, and 2002 for the threshold of 85 years. With his healthy diet and effective care system, the Japan is a country where we can on average expect to live longer than elsewhere in the world. This longevity has however not only benefits. Combined with the low birth rate, it threatens to cause a serious demographic crisis, a more limited number of assets supporting a number galloping of retirees. The population of the Japan still decreased in 2013, some 127 million people, those aged 65 and more representative now a quarter. This proportion is expected to reach 40% by 2060, considers the Government. Inspirational facts may be found visiting the following

Diary on the Web: as a front-line soldier witnessed the first world war.

It is the year 1914. In Sarajevo, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary and his wife have fallen an assassination victim. The 22-year old Ernst Pauleit makes military service for a few months. On July 29, the foot artillery gets marching orders to Cologne. The development of things called for high readiness, he writes in his diary. The first world war is imminent. Ernst Pauleit fills ten volumes at that time with notes, after the war, he summarizes his journals using a typewriter. Now his great-grandson published the memories in a blog. The entries on 1914-1918 – appear so to speak in real time, on the day the development of things exactly one hundred years later. On the Web, now regularly historical events are retold. So five young historian recalled in the past year the Kristallnacht years 75 ago, when Nazis across Germany set synagogues on fire. Also, the sinking of the Titanic has been tweeted already real-time. The german French culture channel Arte just daily displays images and messages dating back to 1914. My great-grandfather moved as in good spirits in the war everyone else, says Julian Finn, who works as an IT project manager in Hamburg. Seriously Pauleit was initially believed the propaganda of the German Empire, called the German-Prussian War Franktireurkrieg and I found acts of vengeance against the population in order. Until now, the diaries only in excerpts have appeared decades ago in the Witten news. The grandfather was persuaded to provide the originals for the Blogprojekt by his grandson. In the family, they say, Pauleit told World War II already in 1940 for lost. He finished his diaries from the first world war with an urgent appeal:. You can visit this to learn extra about this interesting subject.

Investments in European infrastructure: China buys up in Italy energy network.

In Italy, there are many people who don’t want to believe that the many Chinese every man for himself and come all alone: the Chinese quarter, which have arisen in the past 20 years in all major cities, in Milan and Rome. The Chinese textile industry in Prato, the Chinese traders who organise copied branded trading driven by illegal immigrants in Mestre. The Italian State will sell in the guise of Development Bank cassa depositi e Prestiti (CDP), a stake of 35 percent of its energy network to the Chinese State company State grid international development. The price of the energy holding company CDP reti will be at least 2.1 billion euros, this trade is that the RETI, holds 30 percent of the gas network operator SNAM and an equal large proportion in the power grid operator terna should be added. The portions are large enough to make a massive impact on the fortunes of the energy network. But fits the buying in a wide range of activities, in which Chinese companies invested in European infrastructure. Actually CDP had been abandoned the Italian Development Bank by the Government, to raise 11 billion euros by the privatization of State-owned enterprises this year, to help reduce the national debt. Whether it achieves this objective, is however still uncertain – not just because missing even a few billion, but also because it is apparently not sure whether and to what extent the CDP is actually in a position to pass on the proceeds of the sale to the State. However much is on offer: just under half at Fincantieri, Europe’s largest shipyard in Trieste. It was held in June on the stock exchange (without that the State would have taken that’s why only one euro). There are still 40 percent of the Italian post to have 140 000 employees the largest employer in the country. There is also a considerable proportion of the Grandi Stazioni, the company that operates the 14 largest railway stations in Italy for sale. Rewarding private investment of these conditions were however rare: they charge too much taken out capital, and its turnaround times are so long, that they go on without government support in any business strategy. In this respect, it may be not surprising if no European company seriously interested in the shares in the CDP reti. Conspiracy theories are also in circulation. Still, the thesis of the Economist in the UK teaching States and columnist Carlo Pelanda belongs to the more cautious among them. He believes China preparing with his strategic investments on a radical change of the world market, how she could arise after the entry into force of a European American free trade area. More daring theories circulating in Italy are of course many steps further and have long been behind the thesis of the bridgehead. . For extra facts on this subject visit home page.

VIDEO. At Périgueux, mimes have their say.

A ballerina that made spikes on a piano, above a crowd agglutinée in a steep Street. A young crazy quilts depressed woman who rushes into a Cabinet antique in the middle of a flooded by the Sun of the South. Four gymnasts who fit in crazy acrobatic figures in the half-light of a soft summer night. These are moments of life of Mimos, this funny festival dedicated to the art of mime and gesture. This meeting, which is held throughout the week in Périgueux (Dordogne), has developed over the years a nice reputation in the shadow of the major events of the summer. Last year, the festival attracted nearly 60,000 people, attracted by the sweetness of this pretty town of Aquitaine and its eclectic programming. "It is the anti-Avignon," assures Marie-Jo Picot-Messi, linchpin of this crossroads of theatre for twelve years. Here, unlike the city of the popes, the shows do not take to the streets. Prefecture of Périgord continues to live quietly, to the rhythm of aperitifs on the terrace and markets protracted in the day. And fans of the genre who go in search of shows through the maze of the old town. At the corner of a street, with a road crossing or a few hundred metres from the magnificent cathedral, step of the way of Santiago de Compostela, shows appropriators unlikely spaces the time of representation. Curious, festival-goers – many families – go in search of the rare Pearl, such gold seeking moments of poetry. "We have just 20 years, family, Allier, enthuses Isabelle, accompanied by his young boys, eyes goggled at the end of the spectacle of the company a wolf to man. MIMOS, this is not only the mime, thats all that is developed around. This joins quite a circus. Children follow us every year since they are toddlers, and it takes even the sons of buddies now. We discover new shows, and we love that.  "Nearly half of festival-goers come from the region. Families, real fans of the appointment, ran from the villages of the corner and benefit to wander randomly shows on the edge of the Isle. "That is all public, when there’s not words, it cannot have error, ensures Michele, landed Bergerac with his two granddaughters.". Here, the actors speak with their bodies, it is easier to access than of classical theatre. Often, shows with lyrics, it is difficult to know whether they are good or any public. Initially, I imagined that this festival was the Marceau mime only, but it is more diverse than it,. There is a Cirque, poetry, dance, theatre, it is a festival of the performing arts.  "VIDEO. MIMOS: «it is the feast of the gesture. For extra insights regarding this matter click

Parlament ask Pujol that it appears on 2 September.

The Parliament wants the former President of the Generalitat, Jordi Pujol, detail her confession of fair tax fraud at the start of the new session, September 2. A date that would allow the parties the parliamentary path Pujol before the dyad case and face the great challenges of the camera in September close: the general policy debate and the approval of the Inquiries Act. On September 2 is convened a session of the Committee on Institutional Affairs to discuss the law of Val d’Aran. The Board of spokespersons of the Parlament has agreed today ask the President of the Commission a modifiacion agenda to include the vote of the hearing (all groups except CIU are agreed). Once changed the order of the day, the Parlament should agree on Pujol to ask it to appear the same day 2 or arrange an alternative date. The summons must be as soon as possible, better, the parliamentary spokesman for ERC, Marta Rovira has emphasized. The former President of the Generalitat can refuse to appear, because people who do not hold office in the catalan Government are not obliged to respond to the call of the Parlament. However, Jordi Turull, parliamentary leader of CiU, said Pujol access explained in the Parlament: know the respect that President Pujol is this House, has settled Turull. Exercise per Catalunya has put pressure: not imagines for the former President of the Generalitat, refusing to appear, to comply with a mandate of the Parlament CiU has harshly criticized the PP to participate in hearing request when the leader of the formation in Catalonia, Alicia Sánchez-Camacho, refused to appear when required you explanations on espionage which suffered from the same Commission. The nationalist Federation has called on the Board of spokesmen that the Commission request the attendance of Sanchez-camacho. The PP, for its part, insists that a Commission of inquiry into the case of Pujol, a format which, by law, forcing the former President to appear must be open. It is the only way to ensure an investigation thoroughly, has insisted the spokesman, Enric Millo. The proposal has waned because no other group accepts it. They are sobreactando to raise the noise level, if it is seen that this training has done in recent times it has a point of sarcasm, spokesman of the PSC, Maurici Lucena, which relies on Pujol to go to give explanations in the Parlament has broached. Ciutadans will consider asking the Committee of inquiry after Pujol attend Parlament: its scope should be much broader, said spokeswoman Carina Mejias, who want concessions from Governments of Pujol to be investigated. Popular d’Unitat candidacy also has criticized the proposal for its parliamentary leader, David Fernández PP., has stated that his training would see with good eyes a Commission of inquiry into tax fraud in Catalonia, and added that they would not be added to any proposal of the PP: by an ethical issue and ethic not signed requests from a party with patterns of corruption. The PP and initiative have entered paths proposed at the registry of the Chamber so that will modify the law that sets the privileges for former Presidents. Pujol renounced its privileges (pension, the official car, office, staff and formal treatment) after speaking with more, but both parties want to be set by standard withdrawal to persons who committed illegalities. The PP proposal requires, in addition, Pujol to return the amount of the pension receivable dede that ceased to be President of the Generalitat. . For additional insights on this subject click

National emergency due to Ebola – Sierra Leone quarantines entire regions.

After Liberia, also Sierra Leone declared the serious Ebola epidemic in the region to the health emergency. President Ernest wants to try apparently Bai Koroma through the step, the plague with a tightened measures to get in the handle. So all areas to the East of the country should be quarantined. Security forces had been instructed to ensure the implementation of the arrangement of the British channel BBC reported Thursday. The neighboring country of Liberia had already declared the epidemic last weekend to the national emergency. All borders were closed a short time later. Exceptions are only two airports and three other points, but centers were set up to check – in and departing on a possible disease. On Wednesday, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had also ordered the closure of all schools in the country. Nigeria had transferred before a few days after the death of an Ebola patient on high alert his security forces at airports, seaports and land borders. The air authority banned the airline ASky, hitting targets in the country. The infected man from Liberia had been sitting in a machine of ASky. . You should click this to learn more on this interesting matter.

Terremerse: Giovanni Errani sentenced for fraud in two and a half years.

The judge of the Court of Bologna Nadia Buttelli sentenced him to two years and six months Giovanni Errani, the brother of the former President of Regione Emilia-Romagna, Vasco. This is the process in the first degree of mainstream of the investigation on the case of Terremerse, the cooperativa di Imola who received a million regional funding until 2006 chaired by Giovanni Errani. In another strand of the investigation resulted in the conviction for Vasco Errani, who subsequently resigned as President of the region. The sentencing of Errani is a scam on 2008, while for others charges of forgery and cheating has been declared not to prosecute for prescription. Convicted of the same charge by Errani also the designer of the plant, Giampaolo Lucchi, one year and six months suspended sentence. And also to have been prescribed the Lucchi other crimes in question. Errani and Giovanni Lucchi for the Court has also placed the inability to negotiate with Government for 3 years and confiscation of property. He was absolved for not committing the fact Security Manager Alessandro Zanotti. Pm Abdullah Scandellari had asked for sentences of two years and six months for Errani (request therefore accepted in full by the Court), two years for Lucchi, one year and eight months for Zanotti. . Root source can be studied clicking this

Yes to Senate amendment of Government beaten League with the secret ballot.

Before the vote in plenary there was a heated debate about whether secret voting on the amendment. The leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate Luigi Zanda has harshly attacked the Senate President Pietro Grasso who defended his choice by appealing to respect the rules. "There are reasons to go back to the Rules Committee, but I ask that there are at least 20 applicants to get the secret ballot," said Gaudet. The secret ballot has been advanced from 89 senators.   Meanwhile, the Vice-President of the House Louis Di Maio of M5S sent an open letter to the President of the Senate published on Grillo’s blog: «I saw Fat entrench behind the vote of this House not to assume any responsibility, "he adds. «President, these days in the Senate have seen abdicate completely to its institutional role of father of parliamentary debate, which exist in any democratic system. "I am afraid, by Vice President of the Chamber, the previous 24 hours which you have created with his choices. These precedents I fear they can enter in the interpretation of regulation room». Luigi Di Maio criticizes Senate President Pietro Grasso classroom management during the vote on the reform bill. "The damage caused by you will be used to strangle the parliamentary debate," he adds.   . Main facts can be studied checking the following site.