Budget: Renzi attack Brussels, Holland tempers.

I’m surprised that President Barroso [Editor's Note: that ach ve mandate October 31] is surprised by the publication of this letter which has been leaking e e and published by the Financial Times and a major Italian newspaper, has r involve the head of the Italian Government. Response imm Diba’s President of the Commission, Jos Manuel Barroso, which was against the initiative’s Matteo Renzi insurg. The European Commission is not in favour of this publication because we are pursuing informal consultations with various Governments, he said during a press conference. C t fran ais, is low profile, repeal letter very banal, in accordance with the procedure and has no great significance-led to a number of information and pr decisions, a affirm Fran ois Hollande. Unlike his transalpine counterpart, the France does not intend to make public a private mail, has thus d clar one of its representatives. We r be a number of information, but you know what is the purpose of the France: that growth is priority, has d clar Fran ois Holland his e arrived at the European Summit in. � . Original source may be read reading this http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

New York: police attacked the axe, evoked Islamist runway.

A scene of panic this morning in the streets of New York. A man who look towards the Islamist extremist theses attacked policemen with an axe Thursday in New York, before being shot dead, police and the US centre for surveillance of Islamist sites SITE announced. Four police officers from the District of Queens were asking for a photo, at the request of a photographer, when the man arrived and, without a Word, attacked them, according to a release from the Town Hall. One of the officers was struck in the arm and another in the head until the police retaliated by pulling the man, killing him, said the police Chief Bill Bratton. A passer-by also was hit in the back by a bullet and hospitalized, and the photographer has cooperated with police and is not considered as a suspect, he still said. Bill Bratton added that the investigation was underway on the motivations of man, aged about 32 years and with dark skin, and that it was too early to say if the attack was related to terrorism. But according to SITE, several statements published on YouTube and Facebook showed an ultra-raciale inclination in the contexts both religious and historical, and left thinking that it was turning toward extremists. . Original data could be read reading the following http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu.

Deadly September in the police.

Another fight for the taking into account of burn-out and, sometimes, harassment, that of the widow of a trefoil of Poitiers, a brigadier who complained of methods of management of its Chief, considering m remarks r p t es, which had badly v cu a mutation it with works of the land. It has suicid in July 2004, and justice acknowledged last may only, and under pressure from his wife, there is well a link between this Act and its conditions of work d grad. An initial. Union differences, exacerbat by the approach of the professional d December next election, should occur on 5 November when r union e organised in emergency, the DGPN with repr representative organizations. For some of them, the causes of evil – tre in the police force are also search in a management d sincarn, a race digit Abel e a syst me of premiums that promotes clanisme and injustice. � . Original data could be studied checking the following homepage.

Martina Stella and Prince Harry in love? Escapes and travels incognito Photos.

«Love» screams "Novella 2000». «Killing» says his spokesman. Martina Stella that mad Prince Harry makes the rounds of all sites. And the love story between the actress already ex impurnetina Lapo Elkann and the second son of Carlo and Diana of England, is already a bargain from bookmakers. She the blonde de "l’ultimo bacio," soon in the room with Red "mille miglia", he also defiantly declared: "as far as I’m concerned I can’t say nothing: If I met him, I recognized». But that has not recognized convinces shortly. What is certain is that London is a city that lies in the heart. «Go there frequently for work. That city is in his heart "tell us by his press office. And not too long ago she posed in the capital of the United Kingdom for a photo shoot. Just to bet on the truthfulness of the facts and the fairy tale with a happy ending. A trace for anyone looking to know how things stand. Because we talk about travels in unknown of two potential lovers. He who comes here in Italy, she who comes and goes from London. «Martina did not know that News would exit with this history adds the spokesman. Which explains: "In this moment only a no comment. We cannot nor deny nor confirm. For her it was a big blow. " What is certain is that he likes the blonde, his ex Chelsy Davy the looks too, and Harry a bit Lapo Elkann remembers him. What is certain is that with a film release ,. We will know more in the coming days. But if the story is true Queen Elizabeth will have to reckon with a MOM-Martina has a daughter, Guinevere, daughter from her relationship with l’air stylist Gabriele Gavaskar-single. . You must visit the following http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu to learn extra about this great topic.

The Académie française under the spell of Dominique Bona.

The novelist and biographer, elected in April 2013 the 33 Chair, is the eighth woman sitting among the immortals. A chair previously occupied by Voltaire, Jean-Louis Vaudoyer and Marcel Brion, among others. Dominique Bona succeeded to the novelist and editor Michel Mohrt, deceased in 2011, at the age of 97. Born in 1953 in Perpignan, daughter of writer and TV man, Arthur Conte, Dominique Bona began his literary novel career, while she was critical literary in the Quotidien de Paris. In 1987, she published a first biography on Romain Gary, and crowned by the Académie française. Subsequently, it focused on the lives of women in the singular destiny: Gala, the muse of Eluard then Dali, Berthe Morisot, Camille Claudel, the sisters Rouart, and everything lately, Jeanne Loviton, the last love of Paul Valéry (I’m crazy for you). In the meantime, she has published several novels, including the manuscript of Port-Ebene (prix Renaudot in 1998) and two biographies (Stefan Zweig and academician André Maurois), lending her pen to the Figaro Littéraire. In his portrait, after referring to his childhood and his studious youth, he returned to the writers and artists that she loved and commented, praising his "exceptional ability of empathy." Changing the tone, it has dropped, smiling: "a biography of madame de Gaulle On seek vain in your work. ‘,. The audience broke out laughing. This warm is completed by the evocation of Voltaire, "under the dome lights of undergrowth, in the middle of these clothes color foam, within these walls inhabited by so many ghosts". The final word was: "We welcome you today with happiness, Madam. Welcome among us. Assistance was under the spell of the verb. Awaited, greeted at the end by bursts of applause, Dominique Bona’s speech is one of most relevant and most successful of recent years. It knows, exercise and difficult, even perilous: praise of his predecessor, regardless of the esteem that it is. Remembering Paul Valéry in 1927, refusing to pronounce the name of Anatole France, mentioning, in a beautiful oratory pirouette, the "France, which has taken the name",. Dominique Bona, who loves and admires Michel Mohrt, "a man who has mostly lived his dreams", recalled under the dome this tour de force of the disciple of Mallarme. An hour, she has not only praised the man and his work, but brushed a magnificent literary portrait: "Whatever he likes and the thrills, the very source of his books, remains linked to the sound of the waves, the cries of gulls forms unstable of clouds and the sweetness of spring." Concerning man and his temperament, this academician who liked to proclaim loud and clear that he did not like dictionaries, here is what she has enjoyed home: "He always lived and wrote, the heart standing." His speech ended with these just words: "we enter alone to the Académie française. One enters with the expensive shadows of those who are no longer. One enters also with the admiration that it brings to those who are themselves custodians of a portion of the spirit figures that preceded". . You must read the following blog to read extra about this interesting topic.

Pogba-Golden Renewals Florenzi.

It’s a year which he speaks. Finally we: Paul Pogba signed his extension with Juventus until 2018, with an option until 2019 (compared to the previous agreement that was until 2016). The engagement will be around 4.5 million euros plus bonuses. An agreement that strengthens the marriage between the 21 year old midfielder and French champion of Italy. And that will make Mrs. louder when indecent proposals will arrive in summer from half of Europe. Already, because the various Psg, Real, Chelsea and City are already at the forefront to try to snatch Pogba to Juve, despite this renewal. Meanwhile, Juventus expected to strengthen the Defense already in January and put in the crosshairs the 23-year-old Serbian Central (but Austrian passport) of Dynamo Kiev, Aleksandar Dragovic If Turin pulling behind the bad euro-week, we test the Roma. The giallorossi have a Boulder (Sabatini dixit) also heavier. Urge to share with force in the League, and scored a coup similar to that of Pogba. The giallorosso club has virtually defined the renewal of Alessandro de Luca. The 23-year-old 23-year-old outfielder offended should move from the giallorosso 2016 to 2020. Engagement between one million and 1.5 million plus bonuses. And speaking of incoming defensive Colombian Edder Balanta wildcard. Outside left or Center, the Argentine River Plate 21 could replace Ashley Cole who has meshed the right way with the shirt and yellow team. . Original facts could be studied clicking the following blog.

Are at the forefront of medicine and have deserved the praise of the world. The Cuban doctors and nurses arrived in Liberia and Guinea to treat sufferers of the ebola virus. But if they are infected will not be able to return to Cuba to obtain medical treatment. It is the agreement that the task-force sent in Africa signed with the Government in Havana, confirmed by the representative in Cuba of the World Health Organization, Jos Luis Di Fabio. The Cuban anti-ebola team followed three weeks of training at emergency in some isolated structures that belong to the Tropical Medicine Institute Pedro Kouri. Cuba has sent so far 256 professionals in emergency countries, and a total of 461 were trained to operate in high-risk areas. The last group, consisting of 35 doctors and nurses, 48, was greeted Tuesday at Havana’s airport by a delegation of the Government led by President Raul Castro. The United States, as confirmed a source of u.s. Department of State to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, guarantee full cooperation in Cuba in emergency management in West Africa: Cuban workers will be assisted as everyone, without distinction of nationality. . You must click the following http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

Shooting in Ottawa: how the photo of the suspect was found.

The weapon, the Keffiyeh, the umbrella: what are these three indices that allow William Reymond to think that the picture is authentic. The shotgun would be a Winchester, an automatic or semiautomatic weapon. However, on a record video, can hear a single shot and shots in quick succession. Regards the Keffiyeh, witnesses speak of a shooter wearing a headscarf of Muslim type, which may correspond to the emblem of the Palestinians. Finally, the umbrella which it distinguishes the handle pictured would have allowed the shooter to hide his weapon and from approaching the Parliament. Finally, a source explains to William Reymond that an another shot of identifying the perpetrator of the shooting circulated, and that man of the first photo looks like the shooter. It is not the source of the photo and wondered if someone, inspired by the elements known on the shooter, could itself be grimer. Nevertheless, according to the journalist, the authenticity of the cliché was confirmed by witnesses of the shooting and sources close to the investigation. . For more facts on this matter check reference.

Ebola: healed the second infected nurse in America.

Another good news comes from America. After healing of Ashoka Mukpo, American cameraman who was ill with Ebola in Liberia, also Amber Joy Vinson has no trace of the virus in his body. This is the second Texas Presbyterian nurse in caring for ill Ebola. To announce the nurse was healing his family. Amber, who had alarmed at least two American States, having traveled by plane between Texas and Ohio after being exposed to the Ebola virus, will soon be made out of isolation. The nurse had contracted the virus by Eric Thomas Duncan, Liberian who had the ill with Ebola and then died 8 October at Texas Presbyterian. Is the fifth person in America manages to defeat the Ebola virus. Amber Joy Vinson was edited at the Atlanta Hospital Smilies. Dramatic figures from the World Health Organization (who) with regard to the cases of Ebola detected. The number of victims of the epidemic in West Africa you closer and closer to 10,000. Specifically, according to the latest who bulletin, the cases are dead with 9936 4877. The document officially certifies the declarations of "Ebola free" for two countries, Nigeria and Senegal, but also the fact that in Sierra Leone almost all districts have had at least one case. The country remains the most affected Liberia, with 4. 665 probable cases or established and 2. 705 deaths; Guinea, from where the outbreak originated, he recorded 1. 540 cases and 904 deaths, while in Sierra Leone the budget is 3. 706 cases and 1. 259 deaths. An epidemic caused by a different strain of the virus has struck even some isolated regions in the Northwest of the Republic of the Congo. Particularly high, they do know by who, the spread of the virus among health workers, among which there are 443 contagions and 244 died. . Original data could be read clicking the following home page.

West Africa: Ebola vaccine could start January 2015.

Both vaccines consist in principle of harmless viruses that have been genetically modified so that they want to produce a particular protein of the Ebola virus. They stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against this protein. Both vaccine will now be tested in clinical trials on volunteers volunteers. Kieny according to a larger phase I clinical trial to begin late October in Lausanne cAd3 EBO. Smaller studies that are already started in United Kingdom, United States and Mali. The VSV vaccine to be tested in the near future in the African countries of Gabon and Kenya, as well as in Geneva and Hamburg in a phase I study of volunteers. In the United States had also already two small studies that were underway. 800 ampoules of the GSK vaccine store currently at minus 80 degrees Celsius at the Geneva University Hospital, from there they should be distributed at the participating institutions. On Thursday, experts of from WHO on more open questions want to advise: what people will receive in additional clinical studies in West Africa as first a vaccination? Should you vaccinate first medical aid, so that they don’t catch on Ebola sufferers? Or those population groups that have the highest risk of infection? While there is to consider several other aspects, Kieny said: the logistics, the security in the implementation of vaccination campaigns, the communication to the public – each adapted to the conditions of the three countries concerned. In addition to the two most promising candidates, there are other vaccines in development. One it comes Johnson & Johnson, who on Wednesday announced to promote the development, to 2015 by the US drugmaker million vaccine doses available to – 250 000 until end of May. The company plans to invest $200 million according to own it. Also the Danish biotech Bavarian Nordic is involved in the development of the vaccine, which consists from two different genetically modified viruses Kieny according to. The clinical trials for this but only run from January on. Without mentioning details, Kieny said, also in Russia, a vaccine is in development. In addition, the two U.S. companies Inovio and protein Sciences working on Ebola vaccines. Inovio is a so-called DNA vaccine to be tested in early January in the first clinical trials in humans. Protein Sciences Meanwhile hopes to receive funding from the US national institues of health (NIH) to test its vaccine on great apes. . You must click this http://798a4e1b8bbe122d964086ec932b4.com-archive-datasets.eu to read extra about this great topic.