What future for Yahoo! after the entry into Fellowship of Alibaba?

Alibaba historical scholarship entry could be double-edged for Yahoo!, second shareholder of the Chinese giant of online distribution, which has yielded nearly one-third of its participation. The group led by Marissa Mayer, who represented 22.4% of the capital of Alibaba, has provided much of the securities sold in stock baptism of the Chinese group Friday. He placed up to 140 million tracks (almost 7.2% participation) on a total of 368 million sold to investors. This operation will bring him up to $ 9.5 billion and it has more about 15.2 percent of the capital of Alibaba, estimated at slightly more than $ 35 billion. For Yahoo!, who had invested only $ 1 billion in 2005 in Alibaba as part of an agreement reached by its co-founder Jerry Yang, is the jackpot. But what will make this Jackpot? This question is pervasive on Wall Street where the Yahoo! title won by more than 3%. Alibaba brings the rocket fuel. The problem is that Yahoo! has yet to build engines, summarizes Trip Chowdhry, analyst with Global Equities Research. Yahoo! has indicated mid-July will pay its shareholders at least half of his earnings after tax. The rest could finance investments or likely strategic acquisitions to revive its growth always crash (its turnover still declined by 4% in the second quarter). Since his arrival two years ago, the Director General Marissa Mayer multiplied targeted purchases, but realized one big operation: the blogging site Tumblr paid $ 1.1 billion last year. It now has more resources. -Redeemed by Alibaba? -Trip Chowdhry believes that money earned through Alibaba should also serve to strengthen existing activities: it evokes destination services for SMEs, e-mail Yahoo Mail that could be made simpler to use, specialized content sites like Yahoo Finance where there is still margin for innovation. Yahoo! should also, according to him, bet on new experiences, for example designing applications for new products, as the connected shows presented Tuesday by Apple. Another possible field is online video, which Ms. Mayer has made a priority. Yahoo! broadcast since this summer’s live concerts and invests in the production of original series. Some media lent him a few months ago the ambition to create a rival to YouTube, the popular site of the rival Google, an idea not necessarily to the liking of investors given the high cost and uncertain financial return of the project. The challenge for Yahoo! will be to convince investors, and in particular those who had purchased his shares to benefit indirectly from the growth of Alibaba, to continue to trust him. The risk is that investors use Yahoo! as source of payment for Alibaba, said Gregori Volokhine, Manager at Meeschaert Financial Services portfolio. Some have used Yahoo! as an intermediary for Alibaba and could take their profits, also prevents Trip Chowdhry. The course of Yahoo!’s stock exchange has almost tripled in two years, allowing the American Group currently display a market capitalization of $ 41 billion. If Yahoo! is unable to restart growth in its core business, the stock market punishment could be severe. The group could find itself the target of an acquisition. Gregori Volokhine particularly evokes the very possibility that Alibaba bought Yahoo!. Bank of America was also considering in a recent note the assumption of such a transaction and tax effects. There are a lot of U.S. companies which we learn, said Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, without citing name. If they want to sell, we’ll be buyers but we can still work together, he says. Alibaba has very strong liquidity and a U.S. acquisition would allow it to catch up on this market. There are a lot of censorship and Government control over internet companies in China, however weights Trip Chowdhry. I do not think that U.S. regulators will allow Alibaba to buy Yahoo!. Additional information can be read visiting hyperlink.

Legal expert opinion on the taxi-app – dangerous grey zone: why you should not drive for uber.

Per app, called his site and requests a driver. In the display, you can see the latency, the current location of the car, and the evaluation of the driver. The car’s here, climb up, and the driver driving one to the desired destination. Then both assessed Each other. The drive over the credit card registered with the app it will be paid, the rider on uber emits 20 percent of the fare. As you rightly guessed, the fares are significantly lower calculated as in the taxi industry. Noteworthy here is however, every driver without which is license to carry passengers, and pocketing a profit as well as uber in every trip. This is and remains banned in Germany under the passenger transport Act, which was determined by the Landgericht Frankfurt also in the context of interlocutory proceedings of available since August 28, 2014. The ban applies to apps uber and UberPop for the time being in the entire Federal Republic. In contrast to some "local" interlocutory injunctions issued against the limousine app UberBlack, this is the first decision for the entire Federal territory. Uber of this contravenes, euro fine threaten per violation – that is for any ride – 250 000. What obviously many participants in the app overlooked, is the fact that carriage of person not by the normal insurance contract is covered – a precedent-setting case, by an insurer (this was for the competitors of WunderCar on the way) without notice announced a driver, is already in Hamburg. . You must check this http://maximus.echoesofthename.net to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Scotland, Cameron: Now more power to all the Nations 4 Gb. Schulz raised by the victory of the no.

” It is time for our United Kingdom to go ahead, ” said British Prime Minister David Cameron speaking in Downing Street after the outcome of the referendum in Scotland. The Scots have said "no" and ” the issue has now been resolved to a generation or, as said Salmond, for a living, ” he added the sport with Cameron but showing his opponent: ” I just spoke with Alex Salmond and I congratulated him for the campaign fought hard. I’m very happy that the Snp will participate to further devolution talks ‘ ‘. Cameron: more power to all the Nations 4 Gb-the Scots will have more powers over the management of their business, but this will be too for the inhabitants of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The premier has announced that in addition to devolution for Scotland promise the other three Nations of the United Kingdom will have new powers. ” The rights of these voters must be respected, upheld and increased. It is absolutely right that the new agreement for Scotland should be accompanied by a new agreement for all other parts of the ‘ United Kingdom ‘. Schulz raised by the victory of the no-relief for the victory of the "no" in the referendum has been expressed by the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, a few hours from the results. I admit, the result raises me, said in an interview with the German radio Deutschlandfunk. Barroso: vote for strong and United Europe-a vote in favour of a United Europe, and stronger, is the comment of the President of the European Commission. I welcome the decision of the Scottish people to maintain the unity of the United Kingdom. This result is good for the United Europe opened stronger and supported by the European Commission. In the debate in recent years, the Scottish Government and the Scots have repeatedly reaffirmed their commitment to Europe. The European Commission will continue to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Scottish Government, in the areas under its responsibility, which are important for the future of Scotland, including employment and growth, energy, climate change and the environment, and in favour of regulating smarter. Rajoy celebrates: Spain very pleased-the Spanish Government is very happy with no majority of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom, said today the conservative Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy, firmly opposed the referendum similar to the Scottish regional Government of Catalonia would like to organize for next November 9. In case of a victory of the "Yes", in fact, one of the main problems for the new independent Scottish State would be how to negotiate its accession to the EU again: in addition to uncertainty about London’s position in this regard, Madrid was one of the capitals that certainly would have opposed the veto, to discourage pro-independence sentiment in Catalonia and set a precedent where a secessionist State remain outside the Union. . You must visit the following article to learn more regarding this amazing subject.

Milan-From Spain to France: Telecom Italy is always in the spotlight by Piazza Affari (follow the live title) and insiders. Even more so after Vivendi announced the sale of its Brazilian subsidiary Telefonica Gvt will get the 5.7% Italian group with 8.3% of the voting rights. This continues the obstacle course of the former monopolist that privatisation of 1997 misses quite. Captains courageous Italian capitalism, before Roberto Colaninno, then Marco Tronchetti Provera, to foreign capitals. Just like at home, the company Alitalia by Piazza Affari is has long been accustomed to turns of waltzes, but this time dancing on the tops of the Pyrenees: the new strong partner does not speak more Spanish, but French. And if Telefonica arrived in 2007 was interested mainly in Brazilian assets, which have created more pain than joy, to Vivendi concerns above all the network: the jewel in the Crown of Telecom. Bollorè is the head of a media company and if in France giving telephone activities in Italy might think the premium-content distribution from cinema to music-through Telecom broadband. The financier has initiated contacts with the Berlusconi family to evaluate an investment-through Canal Plus-in Mediaset Premium after the Phone itself has detected 11%. Telecom Italy, on the other hand, having ceded La7 work is focusing on the distribution of content. This is demonstrated by the non-exclusive agreement-with Sky: from January pay tv signal by Rupert Murdoch will come in addition to the parable by fiber optic Telecom. In detail, the agreement provides that the French group headed by Vincent Bollorè get 4.66 billion euros in cash, to infer a bank debt of 450 million, 7.4% stake of Telefonica Brasil, whose stock market value is 2.02 billion at September 18 and 5.7% of Telecom Italy, whose stock market value is 1.01 billion at 18 September, as indicated in the note released by Vivendi. I am always happy to invest in this great country that is Italy and very happy to accompany the long-term team of Telecom Italy told Radiocor Bollorè himself. Breton is also the financier second shareholder of Mediobanca, with 7.45% (and permission to go up to 8%) and is present in General capital. The press release of transalpine Group States that the finalization of the agreement should intervene before the end of the first half of 2015. Under the agreement with Telefonica on Gvt, the French must then pay taxes on capital gains and taxes estimated at about 500 million euros. The definitive agreement is also subject to certain conditions, in particular the approvaizone of the competent supervisory authority, in particular the Anatel (telecommunications) and Falls (competition) in Brazil. Telefonica had submitted its offer on Gvt last August 4 and was then revived the 28, in conjunction with the presentation of a proposal for a competitor by Telecom Italy. Vivendi’s Board had decided on 29 August to start exclusive talks with Telefonica. As had been indicated on that occasion, Telefonica’s offer gave Gvt an enterprise value of 7.45 billion and included, in addition to the payment in cash of 4.66 billion, paying partly in securities of Telefonica Brasil (12% of the capital), a third of which could be exchanged-on choice of Vivendi-with a 5.7% stake and 8.3% of the voting rights of Telecom Italy.   . Additional info can be inspected clicking homepage.

Milan mode: chromatic and geometrical variations.

On the second day of the Milan fashion shows of ready-to-wear for next summer, designers drew their inspiration in abstract art or modern architecture innovative shapes, materials and colors. Fendi: spirit unpublished futuristeCoupes, plastics, bold superimpositions, Mich. motorcycle? A dynamic and innovative spirit blows on the collection concocted for Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld, inspired by the Italian Futurist movement of the 1920s and the architecture of the time, as evidenced by the decor reconstituting around the podium the imposing Palazzo della Civiltà, a mussolinien building erected in the EUR district in Rome, where is located the headquarters of Fendi. Jackets and dresses are ultra-short, sometimes consisting of single strips of leather or suede overlays. Transparent skirts fall down, jodhpur pants alternate with tapered models wrapped in a kind of loincloth. Tops suggest the skin in an optical game through vertical multi-object. Pastel mohair knitted fabrics are protected by a layer of transparent PVC. Thick strips of varnish paint cross spray clothing horizontally. Heady orchids are scattered on dark fabrics, or applied and embroidered on leather sashes. C? is still an orchid with a long stem-pen leather that holds the hair of models coiffed in a ponytail. As bags, of the minaudières miniature. Dsquared 2: the source of the artLe duo Canadian Dean and Dan Caten composed a collection fresh and vitamin in simple lines, playing on the graphics, colors and volumes d? an intense way. Skirts are either tiny shaving buttocks, is gigantic and almost cumbersome, while low waist pants reveal a naked belly. Elsewhere, the volume is given by the boiling of ruffles pleated sculpting froufrou dresses. The colors are electric (green, yellow, pink shocking, blue), employees of how United and assembled by panels in leather shirts with laser cut, or used to compose energy abstract drawings. Coats patchwork of different materials and colors make up a puzzle sophomoric. Emporio Armani: the great bleuLa sea, seen dancing? The melody of Charles Trenet comes to at the outset in mind by discovering the Emporio Armani collection. The second line of Giorgio Armani plays with scratches marine and immerses the audience in a deep and intense blue. All parts of the wardrobe are available in this color with both classic and modern juxtaposed to white with touches of gray. Little dresses simple blue dark leaving bare shoulders, suits pants lined with stripes, blue on white or white on blue, tops in large strips horizontal, bermudas? All exudes a certain coolness. For evening, dresses in rigid material sparkle in a stunning metallic effect. Max Mara: effect tapisserieMax Mara dresses of elegant ladies look a retro strand with the scarf tied at the neck like a n? ud Lavallière and spring trench crossed and closed on the side by a Ribbon. Small hats Bell cotton blouses, skirts and boots? Everything comes with tone on tone. That looks are monochrome (black, Khaki, beige) or fantasies, a compositon black and white, or large flowers available sometimes in pink, sometimes Ochre yellow, or green tones for an optical effect tapestry or camouflage. The silhouettes are slender with skirts arriving until calves, straight silk Georgette finely pleated, or slightly rounded in gabardine padded, while lightweight silk blouses or micro-blousons in Alcantara suede effect frown around the waist to accentuate the finesse. . Similar text can be found reading http://maximus.echoesofthename.net.

iOS 8: 8 new features to remember the new system for iPhone.

IPhone 5 S introduced the possibility to identify with his fingerprint. The sensor, called Touch ID, allowed until now to unlock the phone and pay its purchases on the AppStore, iTunes and iBooks Store, without having to type his code PIN or password. The new iOS 8 allows third party applications to use Touch ID. Thus, one can imagine that many apps there will use to replace usernames and complex passwords, eBay image that jumped the step with the competitor Samsung Galaxy S5. The Messages application (where are received SMS/MMS and the iMessage) is inspired by the inescapable Whatsapp and allows to Exchange voice or video messages, but also to share its geolocation (for an hour, a day or all the time). The app also improves his conversations with several that are more easily managed, and propose to do not disturb mode to not receive notifications. very flattering to see Apple borrow numerous WhatsApp features into iMessage in iOS 8 #innovation – jan koum (@jankoum) June 2, 2014. Original data could be read reading this http://maximus.echoesofthename.net.

+++ Scotland ticker +++: we take our future into our own hands.

Scottish leader Alex Salmond said we can take our future into our own hands, after voting in his constituency in the strokes in the northeast of Scotland. Salmond argues for a detachment of the United Kingdom. We have the chance to build a more successful economy, but also a fairer society. Also the independence camp receives support at the last minute. Tennis star Andy Murray is expressed via Twitter annoyed about the negative campaign of the ‘no’-camp. The 27 year-old, who had taken a so far not clearly position on the referendum, speaks of a great day for Scotland and finished his Tweet with a Yes campaign slogan: let us do! The message of the popular athlete was circulated more than 12 000 times within a few hours in Twitter. Huge day for Scotland today! the outcome last days totally swayed my view on it excited to see few no campaign negativity. lets do this!-Andy Murray (@andy_murray) 18 September 2014 A few investors go into Great Britain again in hopes of Scotland’s remaining in the United Kingdom in the local stock market. The no camp lies just ahead in polls. The final result will be announced on Friday at breakfast time. The London selection index FTSE gaining 0.4 percent. Scottish companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and the insurer standard life, which is more expensive to 1.5 percent each among the Favorites here. The British pound also continues its recovery rate and cost 1,6337 dollars. To the European common currency, it climbs even on a two-month high. A euro was 0,7875 pounds. Out of solidarity with Scottish independence advocates a man from the Northeast Spanish region of Catalonia went 2000 kilometers with his vintage up to Glasgow. I’m here to support the Scots and to say that we To want the right to a referendum Catalans, the world of the fireman PEP Pladeveya said. Three days the man went in its over 40-year-old small car type seat 600, with maximum 80 km/h from Gerona to get to Glasgow. Pladeveya and his car in the national colors of Catalonia are received in Glasgow from Scottish independence supporters with cheers. Pladeveya brochures on the subject of Catalonia is not Spain. Scotland has so far only partial autonomy within the British State entity. The proponents of independence, which should enter into force the plans according to 2016, are hoping for more economic prosperity and shorter decision-making processes. A yes vote would end the 307-year Alliance between England and Scotland. First results from the 32 ridings is expected early Friday morning. The ballots must be brought from remote islands such as the Outer Hebrides and Orkney partly by boat, airplane and helicopter for counting. A second test is in the capital city of Edinburgh. The SPD MEP Jo Leinen wants in the event of a vote for independence, enabling a seamless EU membership in Scotland. Scotland has now all the conditions, in the EU to be fulfilled, and I can not imagine, to place the country before the door, if it is for 2016 In fact independent, linen, who is a member of the Constitutional Committee in the European Parliament, in the Germany radio. I mean, it’s possible parallel to negotiations for the retention of membership in the EU. The uncertainty about the outcome of the Scotland referendum provides under pound investors on Thursday for restraint. In view of the last significant number of undecided voters is completely open whether the majority in favour of secession from the United Kingdom will vote or not, writes LBBW analyst Uwe prank in a comment. The pound, which has lost more than three percent since the beginning of September in the top listed on Thursday barely changed at 1,6273 dollars. Given the legal and economic uncertainty that accompanied a possible secession from the United Kingdom, would indicate that a ‘ yes ‘ to independence probably a shock for British financial values mean and lead to a significant currency weakness, warns Toby Nangle, head of multi asset at Threadneedle, in a comment. The German leading index rises to 0.34 percent in early trading to 9695 points. I believe Scotland can have the best of all worlds by staying in the UK http://t. co/XCceQquFMa #IndyRef #StayTogether pic. Twitter. com/2xxgKRrCNa-Richard Branson (@richardbranson) 18 September 2014 in an historic referendum the Scots vote Thursday for independence from Great Britain. One more time turned Scottish leader Alex Salmond on Wednesday evening public in Perth North from Edinburgh to his countrymen and swore it on their chance of a lifetime. US President Barack Obama pleaded Once again for Britain’s unity on the eve of the referendum. This is our chance of a lifetime, and we must seize it with both hands, called the independence advocates Salmond to his followers. Emotional words, Salmond led the Scots the chance in mind, to shape the future of their nation. This is the largest, most powerful moment any of us will ever have. . For additional data on this matter click hyperlink.

Valves: ten years in prison for killing a fellow inmate buzzer.

A 42-year-old man was sentenced to ten years in prison by the Court of Assizes of (Vannes) Morbihan for killing his fellow inmate on the grounds that the latter was snorting too much. In April 2010, to house arrest of valves, Mickaël has entrangle its neighbour cell aged 26 years. According to the Charente Libre, during the trial, the accused denied any violence and even ensured that he got ‘good’ with the victim whose medical treatment caused the snoring. However, the experts described a likely to be impulsive and aggressive murderer. The accused, holder of a heading of bakery, still living with his parents had already been sentenced for offences of driving while alcohol, flights and violence. «His persistent back pain, problems sleeping, allied with the uptake of drugs could lead the accused to be victim of a paradoxical State, resulting in an aggressive impulse which he does not remember», considered an expert in addiction during the hearing. Even if the defence pleaded tirelessly acquittal, putting in doubt the mobile and the causes of death, attributed to strangulation, the Assize Court had just requalified murder in assault resulting in death. . Main source may be studied clicking the following http://maximus.echoesofthename.net.

The French infected with Ebola will be hospitalized at Saint-Mandé.

The first French contaminated with Ebola virus during a volunteer for doctors without borders mission in Liberia will be hospitalized at the military hospital Begin from Saint – Mandé (Val-de-Marne), said Thursday morning the military health service.  The information was given by a source close to the Mayor of the city, Patrick Beaudouin (UMP), Wednesday.  "The Begin hospital is equipped with two negative pressure rooms, to welcome patients with Ebola virus ‘, then confirmed the Chief Medical Officer of the armed forces, Chantal Roche. According to MSF, the volunteer was always this Thursday afternoon in Monrovia but his transfer is imminent "Ca is already over 40 hours and is too long", late ertrand Daguez, medical director of the NGO. Wednesday evening, the ministries of Foreign Affairs and health have ensured that the patient will be repatriated "in conditions of maximum safety, in a dedicated medical aircraft", stating that "the device provided by the french government for the repatriations of patients with Ebola was immediately deployed". The Hospital of Saint-Mandé is part of the list of nine french hospitals reference established at the beginning of August by the Ministry of health.  Two Parisian hospitals are also among these institutions. Other referral hospitals are Rennes, Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Marseille and Lyon. In these establishments, an isolation room beds are ready for patients infected with the Ebola virus.   Institutions such as Saint-Mandé meet very specific criteria with the presence of a service of infectious diseases, isolation rooms with resuscitation service, a service of nuclear medicine, a laboratory ensuring total containment of infectious agents handled and an area for a helicopter to land.   . You can read this http://maximus.echoesofthename.net to discover extra regarding this great subject.

Nest: We share information on our customers.

-This is the story of an American start-up that began in a garage with, as one imagine, meeting behind the bathroom room,. The company started with 16 employees [it has today more than 700, Editor's note]. Tony [Fadell] and Matt [Rogers] left Apple in 2009 after having worked together all generations of iPod to the Touch, then the first two generations of iPhone. The acquisition is made on the principle that the two entities should act and function separately, because they were two different activities: Nest sells products, Google sells advertising. It ended around the month of March, and it gave wings to our dreams, allowing us to accelerate our development in terms of size and resources. And today, it operates completely independently. Google is part of our partners: it is possible to say to its smartphone to 21 ° C heating of the House so that the thermostat is running. But Google is treated as all other developers, for security and data encryption requirement, and he received no personal data such as your address or phone number. It goes even further: developers cannot store more than 10 days of anonymous data about our customers. Our partners, Google included, must be also respectful of privacy than we are. There is also the detection of carbon monoxide. It realized, among those who have installed the sensor Nest, that the level of carbon monoxide exposure is higher than normal in 0.2% of homes in England. It may seem little, but talking about millions of people. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can prove dangerous to the body. So, if ever you have been exposed, our application will give you the level and duration of exposure, which will be useful for the doctor. . You can read the following website to discover extra about this great matter.