Power supply: blur remains around the origin of the fish.

Consumers LCVC association again denounced Friday the persistence of problems on the labelling of the origin or the species of fish, asking the authorities to punish these deficiencies, which adversely affect the good consumer information. The association had already carried out a first survey in June last on the processed fish products, revealing that in 80% of cases, the composition of these foods remained vague. The fillet of fish is often replaced by fuzzy names like ‘flesh’ or ‘fish pulp», whose composition was well often "little leaves. This time, the LCVC focused on the fish themselves, through a survey conducted in 21 departments on 111 outlets (supermarkets, fishmongers, markets,.). She studied the references to this case and originally displayed on 280 fish (COD, monkfish, whiting, sole and salmon) between 13 and 16 December. "For fish caught at sea, the mention of the scientific name is present in half of the cases", says the association in a statement. For farmed fish, it does not appear in one third of the products. However, "for the consumer, the scientific reference guarantees yet this precise case that is marketed, she adds, suggesting that his absence could be a sign of fraud on this case. The association indicates that this reference is more present in large surfaces than in retail stores. Concerning the indications of the fishing areas and categories of equipment used, which must be specified since December 2013 under a new European Community regulation, the lack of information is even more screaming. These indications are present in 10% of cases, note the LCVC. «Fishing area specified, beyond the very general North-East Atlantic for example, yet to report a product typicality and strengthens transparency.» The technique of fishing gives guarantees with respect to the sustainability of practices,"says the association. For salmon, the mention of the country is certainly enough frequent – she appeared in 82% of cases – but it is not for as much widespread, deplores. "In the light of this survey, we ask a full implementation of the labelling rules that controls are carried out and made public and violations punished", concludes the LCVC. . You should check this web site to discover more on this great topic.

The contrasts between the North and South reach of television.

Jon Plazaola and Dani Rovira differs them, in broad terms, that one is the other Andalusian and Basque. Pure strain. For the dems, keep many similarities. Both are, in essence, monologuists and its irrupcin in the cinematogrfico landscape is a project that plays with the contrast between the North and the South. Plazaola is All down, the new project of ficcin of Atresmedia TV series these das discusses filming in San Sebastin’s face to its release, expected in the first quarter of the next year. Where is his jump into the national television after his work in the chain autonmica ETB, this Basque actor embodies Iaki, a closed Basque who has never left his land, RH negative, a Basque from Thoroughbred and Virgin to the 40 years, who is forced to acompaar his mother to Seville to a trip IMSERSO. The unfortunate accident suffered by his housekeeper, who remains in a coma, takes you to be trapped in the city of Seville, in a hospital where to meet the nurse Carmen (Len Mara), the other feature of this comedy produced by plane to plane. The series equipment is fully aware that the public can resemble this project to a kind of extension of the successful film of eight Basque surnames, but hurries to mark differences. It is true that they play with contrasts and the typical between North and South, but ah just similarities, says its director, Iaki Draper. The idea is the same, play with the contrasts, but ah the story changes. We are not telling a love story. It is not really the same, says the son of the Director Antonio Mercero. In addition, the story predates the film starring Dani Rovira and Clara Lago that has robbed the ticket office this year. The idea is encarg in September 2011, but the process that is and has been their times, Coordinator of screenwriters and actor holds in the series Oscar Terol, who admits that when it was launched with the project not had no idea that was going to have a cinematogrfica production while one of its screenwriters, Diego San Jos, is a great friend of his. In any case, its director admits that the inevitable comparison with the film can play in favour of the series, since you can urge the public to take a look at this TV ficcin. But in any case I do not see so many similarities, ditch. The project supposes to Draper a candy after being at the forefront of several deliveries of time between seams or the Prince. I apeteca much make a comedy after so many years, pinpoints. And, at a certain point, also has been a deliverance. It is very degreaser afterward to both police genre. It is a joy, pinpoints on a break from filming near the Aquarium of San Sebastin, where the team of team finished today the filming of the first two chapters. I am convinced that we will end up with the first season and that there other ms, she says. This thought is shared by Terol, who no doubt the success of a series that takes place in its entirety in Seville practice and whose face-lift and invoice according to put in value, is reminiscent of the English series, with many scenes in foreign and real spaces (the Palace of Monsalves recreates the clinic). We looking forward to that last a long time to be able to tell the story that we have in the head, which is something ms Iaki Andaluca, is exposed. With a guin of Terol, this honest and smart comedy smells something inevitably Vaya Semanita, the popular series of television autonmica to be rea of the Basques leaving ttere with head and had a great repercusin at the national level. In fact, some of their players participate in All down. On the other hand, also have joined project Alfonso Snchez and Alberto Lpez, Andalusian friends of eight Basque surnames, with a very important role. Plazaola, who, a few days of El Gordo, does not hesitate to say that the lottery share protagonism with Len Mara – touched you actresses there are Spanish and then est Len Mara, out-, does not fear the public to compare him with Rovira. On the contrary. Will be a privilege for m. A cmico top on the national scene, it says for who everything is new with this project of Atresmedia. To see if we are able to give shape to the fun scripts, highlight. The director is with the feeling of having something very good here, agrees point Terol. . Root data may be read reading the following website.

Arrested the ex-partner of the woman found dead in Alcobendas.

The national police has arrested the family of the woman found dead today inside a car in the car park of Alcobendas Valdelasfuentes Renfe station, so it is confirmed that it is a new case of violence of genre, they have told Europa Press police sources. The police national hall in the early hours of the morning a woman of 36 years dead with signs of violence inside their car, which was parked in the walk of the station of Alcobendas. On the morning of today, 5 is person a man in comisara it from Alcobendas to file a complaint by the desaparicin of his sister after that sta had not returned home overnight after leaving his job in the capital. On the 6. 30 hours, is found in the walk of the station the missing car and inside, in the rear, the woman. Tena various bruises on the face and a sharp object in the throat hole, according to has seen the forensic mdico. The place went to the judicial Commission, the Polica Cientfica and Group VI of homicides, which is in charge of research. For his part, SUMMA also went to the place of the facts and only was able to confirm the death, told Europa Press Madrid 112 emergency Community spokesman. The deceased, Lidiana Mara M. P., born in Colombia, had Spanish nationality. Although tena a domicile in Alcobendas, was neighbor of San Agustn de Guadalix – where to be delivered tomorrow – and worked in the English Court of the stroll of Nuevos Ministerios in Madrid. . Similar information can be found clicking resource.

Spain: Felipe VI, with timid steps to restore the image of the monarchy.

Felipe VI, who will celebrate Friday its six months as King of Spain, attempts to restore the image of the monarchy of the Bourbons, tarnished by the escapades of his father and his sister business, insisting on transparency but without dramatic gestures. The monarch of 46 years, which appeared to the accession to the throne precipitated by the difficulties of his father Juan Carlos, recently assured that he wanted Spaniards feel proud of their King. He departed from afar while Juan Carlos, 76 years old, is at its lowest in terms of popularity: in June, he got a poor score of 3.7 out of 10 according to the Centre for sociological investigations (CIS). During his induction, Felipe VI is committed to be an honest and transparent behaviour. Since then, it has imposed a new code of conduct to the Royal House. Its members may accept gifts exceeding the value uses, social order, or courtesy, he said, saying that institutional gifts would be handed over to the national heritage. Thus, they will no longer receive gifts like the yacht Fortuna, offered by businessmen to Juan Carlos and valued at EUR 18 million. It has also decided to publish its spending. Its budget, EUR 7,77 million in 2014, is down 2% over the previous year. -Ferraris – on the other hand the real heritage of the Royal family remains a mystery. Magazines like Forbes estimates establish it around 1.7 billion, but the Royal House ensures that this calculation includes the Spanish State-owned assets. To the rank of symbolic gestures, Felipe VI recently gave the State two Ferraris offered to Juan Carlos by an Arab Sheikh. It not was, however, of bath of crowd or radical change in the habits of the Royal family, including Juan Carlos and his wife Sofia, Queen Letizia, a former journalist for 41 years, and the infantes Leonor and Sofia. Therefore, opinions are divided. It is necessary to recover the prestige which has been lost these past two or three years, ensures the AFP Antonio del Moral, Professor of constitutional law and specialist of the monarchy. The footprint of the monarch is not visible anywhere. The blabla and travel but few results, considers his side Jordi Matas Dalmases, Professor of political science in a forum published by El Pais. In 2012 the Bourbon monarchy, reigning since the 18th century, has been tarnished by the escapades of Juan Carlos, installed monarch by Franco but presented as the guarantor of democracy, whose image has collapsed, especially after the scandal caused by his hunting party with the elephants in Botswana by 2012, while the Spanish sank into crisis. This is were added the revelations about the dishonesty of the Infanta Cristina, sister of the King, questioned in an investigation into wrongdoing attributed to her husband. Felipe VI has more, at least officially, relations with his sister. The Royal House would attempt to convince her to renounce his dynastic rights, without success. It seems to have gained ground in the heart of the Spaniards. It has a high popularity, 72.7%, according to a recent poll published by the conservative newspaper La Razon, far superior to that of his father and political leaders. There is a practical approach to implement a very different monarchy, ensures César de la Lama, author of the first official biography of King Juan Carlos. Thus he attempted to fulfill its role of guarantor of national unity, particularly in Catalonia where nearly a third of the population wants to secede and made three times. It also fulfils its role in the international roaming Protocol as head of State. However the debate on peacekeeping in Spain of the monarchy is still alive. Classic parties of right and left supporting the monarchy – people’s Party and Socialist – Party are also terrible to or even exceeded in the polls by the anti-liberal party Podemos, demanding a referendum on the subject. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must check the following url to discover more about this amazing topic.

Rosetta, discovery of the year.

2014 has been the year of Rosetta. In January, (ESA) out of its state of hibernacin the probe of the European Space Agency to the comet 67 p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, in whose orbit came in August. In November, the Philae robot on board carrying rail on its surface, turning on the first object created by the man who manages to settle on one of these rocky bodies. A year of success that culminates now topping the list of the 10 milestones scientists important ms of the ao by the prestigious magazine Science. It is a great honour for us. We are very proud. This recognition demonstrates the success and the importance of this mission, not only for the world of space, but for the public, who am following with much interest. No doubt sta has been the Mission of ESA that ms has impacted the crowd, says Laurence O’Rourke, scientist of the Rosetta mission operations coordinator by phone. The irlands researcher, who works at the center of space astronomer of the ESA (ESAC), Madrid, shows ms that satisfied the results achieved so far: is impressive. We are following the Comet while you wake up as it nears the Sun. We are seeing how produces gas and dust (what we call the coma of the Comet), studying its surface, olindolo, seeing its color,. We have already made muchsima science, says O’Rourke, which ensures that all the instruments are working well. Rosetta est answering many questions, answer when asked cul believes that it has so far been the discovery featured ms that has made: if I had to stay with two important outcomes of the mission so far, highlighted the competitor analysis that has made the Rosetta satellite TV of the ended of the water of the Comet [which has concluded that it is different from the Earth], is one of the main reasons why we send this probe, and the hardness of the surface of the Comet which was discovered Philae. But still is a lot of science to be done, and the researcher is excited about the next phase. We are now orbiting the Comet at about 20 kilometres from its surface, but in a few das will go up to 30 km. February 4 we will stop orbiting the comet (we have used its gravity so far to be in orbit) starting a new phase which last until the end of 2015, and which consist of doing overflights of the surface at different distances, points out. The plan is that, until the end of the mission, the ship carried out between two and four flights a month. On February 7 we will arrive up to 140 km and will start to go down again. On February 14, Da de San Valentn, the ship har a flyby Comet at a distance of 8 kilometres, being under 10 kilometers of the surface three hours and flying at a speed of 120 centmetros per second, nearly six times fast than at present, ms accurate. How much ms close are surface, gases emitted, aade have greater intensity. Not only the images we make are going to be a marvel, all instruments will make an outstanding science being so close. ‘Philae’ Tambin awakening hope that in March or April to wake up the robot Philae, whose batteries went out 64 hours after landing because of a failure in their harpoons, which impidi that Ankara in the place in which rail. In its new and unexpected location do not receive enough sunlight to recharge their panels. But going approaching the Sun, increasing the intensity of the light received, although further exposed to light only three hours every 24 hours, as now, trust that receive enough to work. Even if you wake up in March or April of 2015, we won’t know until June, is when recibiramos the seal confirming it. Philae should have sufficient power to be able to turn on devices that allow you to communicate with the main probe Rosetta, when sta sends you a seal. If all goes well, aade, perhaps in August and September can do experiments. Now begins the phase of escort. We are going to acompaar the comet on its journey around the Sun to see how goes developing its activity, explains the scientific Pedro J. Gutirrez during an interview with the world on the occasion of his participation in the cycle of conferences of otoo organized by the Planetarium of Madrid and the Obra Social La Caixa. The investigator of the Instituto de Astrofsica de Andaluca (IAA-CSIC) has his entire career cientfica worked on the Rosetta mission, which is uni in 1997, seven years until it was released. Part of the team of OSIRIS, one of the instruments which leads the probe: are the eyes of the ship, the Chambers that are the images of the comet. Gutirrez recalls how vivi the addition of Philae landing day: was pretty quiet because it was confident that it would be a success. Admits that the failure of the harpoons, which impidi the robot experiments three months ms, was one small deception but also an opportunity to learn, pinpoints. Although planned est that the mission ends in December 2015, if the ampliarn fuel: we may continue observing the Comet or try to go to another, says Gutirrez. O’Rourke Moreover, pinpoints that in 2016 the Comet moves away from the Sun again, giving the opportunity to Rosetta to be able to see it when you start to fall asleep. Philae landing is a European success, said Thursday in a meeting with journalists Antn square, director of Airbus Space Systems Espaã and delegate of the Commission of TEDAE Proespacio. It is a milestone in the history of space, the second or the third, after the arrival of the man to the Moon, and for some, the Cassini-Huygens mission [sent to Saturn] after. OTHER milestones scientists-from dinosaurs to birds. The secuenciacin of the genomes of 48 species of birds has confirmed that the pjaros of today are direct descendants of dinosaurs. -Cooperation between robots. For the first time has been that an ‘army’ of termite robticas coordinate to perform group tasks. -Manipulated memory. An experiment with mice has altered the emotional impact of the memory, to convert a bad memory to another kind. -’Altamira’ of Indonesia. A study has proven that the cave paintings in a cave in Asia has between 35. 000 and 40. 000 years of seniority, just like the old ms found in European art. . For additional regarding this subject check source.

Aluminum also gripe to the steel market share in cans.

As in the automotive industry, steel and aluminum are waging a fierce battle in the production of cans, with a favourable trend these last years for the lighter of the two materials, even if iron is still in France. The Director of plant Constellium of Neuf Brisach (Alsace), Ludovic Piquier, does not hide his satisfaction: for this specialist in the transformation of aluminum, heir to part of the endorsement of fire the french group Pechiney, the packaging activity is a market that continues to evolve positively taking market shares on other products such as steel, told AFP. According to its figures, the Group also experienced an annual growth between 3% and 4% in this sector, supported mainly by the french market of the bobbin, booming, which should set a new record this year by reaching the bar of 5 boxes filled billion, or an annual increase of 7% since 2008. Lighter, aluminium won recent battles in the industry of the bobbin facing steel, yet thinner and more resistant. He signed his most recent success in Spain where the British group Rexam has decided to invest EUR 40 million to abandon the steel. Our plants in Tarragona and Madrid were the last steel group in the world, some 60, said Santiago Millet, Sales Director southern Europe of Rexam, during a recent presentation to the press of the industry of the bobbin. Aluminum weighs half of steel and raw material consumption is thus reduced by half. In addition, the price of aluminum has a visibility, because there is a futures market, he said to justify strategic change that led him to become a client of Constellium. Its American competitor Ball, for its part, chose for now to play on two tables, keeping the steel at its Dunkirk site and aluminum in its factory of La Ciotat. We thus have a certain stability on the basis of the evolution of the markets, said Philippe Vanheist, head of sales France of Ball. -The difference is the price – fluctuations in the price of steel are not as important as for aluminium, he said, recalling that the France was one of the exceptions European with a dominated market to 65% by the iron boxes, while acknowledging that the latest investments have favoured l? aluminium. Technical and technological point of view, the two materials are roughly on an equal footing, finds Fabienne Freidinger, consultant of the packaging exhibition which is held a months ago in Paris region. So, what will make the difference, it is the price, knowing that aluminum is listed on a single London Stock Exchange and that steel is not, she says. Another difference: the packaging represents less than 1% of the sales of the ArcelorMittal steel giant, but it reaches one-third of the total turnover of Constellium and three quarters of that of Neuf-Brisach plant. A difference that explains that the conquest of new market share as in Spain is celebrated on each time as a victory in the factory from the edge of the Rhine. Especially as the site of Neuf-Brisach, which has more than 1. 500 employees, is focused today by the automobile market, where aluminum also won successes. We started to develop aluminum for the hood there is a dozen years with PSA, but these are the German manufacturers who arrived mass later on this market, says Mr. Piquier, welcoming the strong expansion of this market for its factory in recent years. Today, the battle against steel returned to french soil. The french manufacturer PSA is supplied at Neuf-Brisach for the hood of its new 308. As for Renault, just choose Constellium as provider of vehicle structures which will be released within a year to two years, welcomes Mr. Piquier. > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. Additional data can be found reading reference.

The beautiful story of the day: She gathers 39. 000 euros for the SDF which helped it.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen came out of an evening in the centre of Preston when she realized that she no longer had her credit card. Seeing seek money without success in his bag, a homeless man then approached her. He gave me his last 3 books (3.5 euros). He insisted that I take a taxi so I get home safely, says the English of 22 years at the Mirror. A street from 7 months if it did not accept the money, it has been particularly affected by this gesture of generosity. It is the street for seven months and it helped me spontaneously. He wants to find a job but without fixed address, it is impossible, said the young woman, who then decided to create a donation page to try to find him a roof. To raise the auction, she spent several days and nights on the street at his side. Sponsor me by paying only three books, the same three books that Robbie wanted to offer me, she writes on his page of crowdfunding. A message that has borne fruit. It garnered more than 31. 000 pounds (EUR 39 million) since the beginning of its action. THE beautiful story of yesterday > he sells his tablet to deliver gifts to children in need. For extra information about this subject click page.

Banks, the proposal: “Out certain times foundations. Bankruptcy system “.

"Outside the banks ‘ policy". This is the meaning of the Bill of the Deputy of civic Choice, Mariano Rabino, elaborated with the Italian radicals, which was presented in the press room at Montecitorio, along with party colleague Pierpaolo Vaidya (Chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs) to the Economist Tito Boeri, the President of the Adam Smith Society Alessandro De Nicola and Federico Valerio of the radicals. "We must return to the original spirit of the Bill Ciampi, said Rabbi – implementing a complete and timely disposal of participating banking companies foundations. Everything is carried out in certain times, so that in future recurrence unacceptable scandals like the one involving Mps ". For Frederick "this system has failed, the choice to continue controlling the banks has drastically reduced the ability of foundations to help their reference territories". In the same vein that Boer "this kind of connection between banks, foundations and policy is no doubt a bond that has undermined the strength of our banking system: the foundations were the Trojan horse in policy banks and nefarious effects of this blend are under everybody’s eyes."   According to De Nicola "in Italy we aggregates of interest that are almost automatic reaction to change that not only do damage, often paradoxically does is diminish even further their ability to influence. Conservation, the resistors, are always auto-destructive, as evidenced by the case Mps, and a Bill to loosen the ties between politics and banking, can only go in the right direction ". Conservatism also stressed in his speech of Vaidya, who concluded by recalling how the Bill should be "carried out with determination to undermine these strengths. The Foundation must stop being the assessorati alla cultura of an arbitrary political party rather than another. " . Original data could be read clicking this article.

“Should remove the World Cup to the Qatar.

This comes to accredit the thesis that I am defending, which is that the World Cup should not be held in Qatar in 2022. You must remove this competition to the Qatar. I’ve already denounced this situation next to the contempt towards people who work on the sites of the World Cup, stadiums and infrastructure. Last year, there were already nearly 1,000 workers, mainly Nepalese, Indians, sometimes sri Lankan, died on construction sites. Because of the heat, the lack of safety rules. It’s modern slavery: we remove them their passports, they can even leave the country if they want to. In 1986, the Colombia, lack of money, withdrew. The World Cup was reassigned to the Mexico. We realize that sports competitions are assigned more and more despite social and environmental criteria. It is time that FIFA gives the example saying: "since there was cheating, will cancel.  "It would be a very given signal for future editions. Prosecutor Garcia challenged himself the conclusions of FIFA over its investigation. He highlighted the facts of corruption and it does not been considered. Mr. Eckert said that it was minor elements and that it is not appropriate to call into question the organisation of the World Cup. With the revelations, the situation becomes untenable. Michel Platini has had an excellent idea in wanting to make a Euro on the whole of Europe in 2020. Perhaps we should draw this idea to organize future world cups a continent rather than on a part of continent, such as North America, South, or Southeast Asia. Several countries can join forces, as did the Belgium and the Netherlands (Euro 2000), the Switzerland and Austria (Euro 2008) or the Poland and the Ukraine (Euro 2012). The Russian bid is not exempt from reproach. The fact that the Russian Parliament voted a law that restricts the right of workers to these huge projects is a very bad signal. One may also refer the Sochi games. More and more, the investments made in these applications into debt the country but are worthless thereafter. People are waiting for other investments. In Brazil, a country of football, the riots before the world have shown. . Additional data can be found checking url.

Morenes defends Spain have in africa its network of civil and military influence.

The Defensa Pedro Morenés Minister, said Tuesday that Spain has to be a key player in reducing instability in which they are the countries of North Africa and the Sahel. In addition, defended the Spanish Act on the African continent under the umbrella of organizations such as NATO or the EU, but that the country has a network of civilian and military influence in the area. Thus Morenés manifested itself during the presentation of the report ‘South-facing Spain’, developed by the Real Instituto Elcano, in a ceremony attended by Marcelino Oreja, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain; Pedro Miras, Chairman of Cores; Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, President of the Elcano Royal Institute; Iñigo Sáenz de Miera, director of the Botín Foundation, and Félix Arteaga, principal investigator for security and defense of the Elcano Royal Institute and coordinator of the report. Morenes stressed that the geographic position of the Iberian Peninsula conditions the performance of Spain in the zone, anchoring parameters for action in his "role as a gateway from the Mediterranean, in the Atlantic projection and the connection between Europe and Africa". For that reason, he said that all sectors of Spanish society "must be aware of the challenges and opportunities that arise in the area, since the presence of Spain in those countries will provide us influence and leadership, since there is no wealth without stability, and there is no stability if not recognize the freedoms and the rule of law". In this sense, Arteaga stressed the need to move a look on Africa more focused on the opportunities afforded by the area that risks and dangers (immigration, smuggling and trafficking of substances, jihadist terrorism). As to these, he assured that "do not represent a threat in the short-term to Spain, while they are structural and difficult to solve, implying that it is developing a network of preventive action which minimize its consequences". RISKS and Oportunidadesasi, Arteaga was considered that Spain must act under the umbrella of others in the area (NATO, EU, France) and weave their own network of influence, both at the civil level and the military", since when" Africa going to Spain is going very well, while if Africa is doing poorly to Spain it will go very badly ". In the same way, he encouraged the Government to develop, "from a position of leadership, a strategy with plans for concrete action in which involves both local and international actors". On the other hand, ear lamented that during "long time Spain has focused on looking northward from Europe and Latin America, putting aside their needs in relation to Africa", situation which, in his view, began to alleviate "from the year 2004". The current situation on the zone, from your point of view is "of marked pessimism", since "Northern Europe doesn’t understand the size of the challenges looming from Africa". For that reason, it relies on the appointment of an Italian Federica Mogherini as high representative of the European Union’s foreign policy as "change the landscape", although he admitted, "it comes with long delay". . You can read the following page to discover extra regarding this interesting matter.