China: McDonald’s guard trust in its supplier, despite the scandal.

The American McDonalds fast food giant announced Thursday that he would continue to buy American food producer OSI, whose subsidiary is at the origin of a new scandal of meat tainted in China. Shanghai authorities have closed Sunday in a Shanghai Husi Food plant, which would including mixed meat tainted with meat fresh and re-labeled obsolete products. Facing this scandal, McDonald’s says it is going now sourcing from another local subsidiary from its supplier in China, Husi Henan. According to OSI, the Chinese authorities inspected other sites of Husi, allowing us to serve our clients, confidently wrote the manufacturer of Big Mac in an e-mail to AFP. We will (now) provide us with the site of Husi Henan, adds McDonalds, which announced if supply meat beef, chicken and pork with Shanghai Husi Food. The fast-food chain indicates that the Chinese subsidiary of OSI will also commit quickly measures to investigate what happened and reviewing its security procedures. Also McDonald’s, the Shanghai Husi Food factory had as clients of other fast food giants as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut (Yum), Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks and 7-Eleven. Factory Shanghai OSI, established in 1996, employed more than 500 workers on five production lines and preparing several forms of pork, beef and chicken meat, according to the website of group. Beyond China, the scandal affects Japan, where McDonald’s has confirmed that 20% of his nuggets – breaded – chicken pieces came from the Shanghai plant. . For extended facts on this matter visit web site.

At least 15 killed in attack on UN school in Gaza.

Refugees were housed at the school said the Palestinian health authority. The wounded would be supplied in several medical centers in the vicinity of the village of Beit Hanun. The UNRWA spokesman said the exact coordinates of the building had been transferred to the Israeli army to protect this. Another UN representative said the missile struck against 14 50 pm local time in or near the school. UNRWA told shortly before the Palestinians, to leave the building because fire had been feared. It is according to the AP News Agency the fourth incident since the beginning of the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, where a UN body suffered was drawn. More than 140 000 Palestinians according to the United Nations in the past few days in the Gaza Strip by the fighting between the radical Islamic Hamas and Israel from their Häuserm escaped. Many have sought refuge in buildings operated by the UN refugee organisation UNWAR. Previously UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had asked clarification about a missile discovery in a school of the United Nations in the Gaza Strip. He was outraged that the weapons in the school were discovered and then be gone, ban according to UN release said. Those responsible have thus made possible attack targets schools and taken the lives of innocent children, UN staff and seeking protection in danger. The United Nations would investigate the incident and take all necessary measures to prevent such a thing could happen again. The relief and Works Agency of for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) United Nations had communicated about a week ago that a rocket warehouse with about 20 bullets has been discovered in the empty UN school. UNRWA maintains 245 schools in Gaza, in which approximately 225 000 Palestinian children are taught according to their own figures. . Inspirational data could be studied visiting this

Exploitation of microalgae: advance promising Fermentalg.

Green Chemistry, bio-fuels, health, power: microalgae are considered to be extremely promising, but still need to successfully grow them and exploit them, sector in which a SMEs in Libourne (Gironde), Fermentalg, has taken a step ahead. From the outside, premises seem modest, nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in the centre of Libourne. Inside, several laboratories where busily technicians in white coats, behind microscopes or fermenters. The object of their attention: hundreds of microalgae, invisible to the naked eye (1 to 10 microns), but that there is growing economic interest. Because these microorganisms for the origin of plant and animal life, present in marine and terrestrial environment, produce high yielding, not only convertible oils into fuels, but also a wide variety of biochemical substances-rich molecules. When he created his company in 2009, Pierre Calleja, biologist of 52 years, already rolled her bump in marine aquaculture, expanding in the 1980s. With one nagging question: how to produce these famous microalgae at the base of the food chain of fish?Twenty – five years later and still intact passion, the contractor is pleased to have begun to find answers. Launched in 2009 with five employees, Fermentalg has developed, within five years, several methods to isolate strains of algae to grow, and especially the molecules of interest such as hoops 3, dyes, antioxidants, hydrocarbons recover,. The secret of Fermentalg: mixotrophy, growth under intermittent light technology that enables both the animal part than the vegetable part of these beings hybrids that are the microalgae. A technique which has the effect of increasing productivity and allows to extract the maximum amount of molecules. -’ Mixotrophy’ – we are world leader in this technology of mixotrophy, says Pierre Calleja, whose the SMEs, with several patents, has to be introduced on the stock exchange market of innovative companies. I opened a new horizon and we’re sitting on huge territories. Microalgae are new spaces where each plant its flag, enthuses the contractor. Because this potentially huge market, competition sharpens. Microalgae are considered to be a credible alternative to many resources today in tension, particularly protein derived from fisheries or oil, and even occupation of soils. The United States, historically the most optimistic about the potential of this new energy source, increasing investments. Microalgae have an amazing future, confirms Jean-Paul Cadoret, Director of a research laboratory on microalgae at Ifremer, which advises Fermentalg, but also other actors in the sector in France, estimated at a dozen companies. Each actor seeks axes to differentiate themselves, explains the scientist, stressing, at the same time promising approach of Fermentalg, the advances of the rocket (7. 800 employees worldwide) Green Chemistry Group, based in the North of the France and produces flour of microalgae. With 1. 500 strains listed, the Gironde SMEs, which should reach 100 employees within a few months, plans to produce 5. 000 tonnes of biomass of microalgae per year from 2015 onwards. Next challenge: establish industrial partnerships for the operation of the molecules (proteins and lipids for human and animal nutrition, biopolymers and biolubricants for green chemistry, active molecules for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical, etc.), prior to marketing by the company itself. Long viewed with disbelief by bankers, Pierre Calleja, who succeeded in 2012 to roll a series vehicle with a partially obtained fuel from microalgae, lifted EUR 40 million during the entry into Fellowship of his company in April. This admirer of Apple founder Steve Jobs, can also count on the support of the State, 25% shareholder of Fermentalg, via Ademe and the public investment bank (BPI). And wish that microalgae are better known to the general public so that we stop to take to a madman. . Inspirational data may be read reading the following

Puchheim: Puchheims Mayor ignored parents desire.

More hoard places in the North of the city demand Puchheimer parents. In a petition, 80 parents to the municipality appealed to expand the treasure adventure land until the beginning of the school year by 2015/16. Susanne Abl said despite all tags branch the hoard used further in the current quarter of an hour of the City Council on Tuesday. The Mayor rejected the suggestion. The courses cover the requirements, but not everyone gets his wishes fulfilled, said Norbert Seidl (SPD). On top of that, the care of students was thing of the free State and the municipality not in the obligation. In the open letter of the parents in the city, it says the children needed a high quality lunch and holiday care, as they offer only the hoard. However, the conventional lunch would change the staff frequently. It is missing the overview and partially not even notice if a pending child does not appear. The children were housed in containers, in which none of us want to sit in the summer and went exclusively on a public playground. During the holidays you could register the children in the neighbourhood aid (NBH), who organized the lunch, only per week. Therefore, parents on other holiday programs would Dodge, so seemingly low turns out the need for a lair. Lair trained personnel available would be, while an electrician to 185 seats would be at the lunch, according to the writing further. In the session, Nadine Lemor, a concerned mother, pointed that the women would have to work, and many families were moved to Puchheim extra, because the city advertising with their good child care. In the crèche and kindergarten the supply is good, but the next step in the school needs to be done now. It is not appropriate to wait for a law, she said the Mayor. Seidl remained in that the demand is covered, even if not every child have a place until 5: 00 or 17 30. You have accommodated all the children in the lunch, have applied for a place, said Klaus Winter of head of the Office of Social Affairs. However, the hoarding is the problem that this year fewer children from the fourth class to leave. He assured that the NBH will set up two new groups for the lunch, which last until 16 30. In addition parents could request a guest school, so that their children in the school can go south, where there are whole tags branch, lunchtime supervision and hoard for an extension. ABL referred to an E-Mail that sent the NBH late June to parents. In booking times up to 16 will be announced 30. However, the space allocation in September would be subject to. It continues in the email, school lunches could be dealt only from 6 October, and due to rebuilding the school Gerner square the children would have to change more frequently than the rooms so far. On top of that, there would be no hot lunch 2014/15 for children, a group visit, which lasts until 14: 00, in the school year. . For extra insights regarding this topic click

Trouble ahead for Ubs in France: investigation for money laundering and tax evasion, 1.1 billion requested.

LUGANO-For Ubs is in France, where the same scenario d nightmare that in 2009 in the United States forced her to pay a $ 780 million fine and reveal his Uncle Sam the names of more than 4 million American customers. With criminalisation of money laundering and tax evasion, the Prosecutor’s Office in Paris has, in fact, investigated the Swiss banking giant, ordered to pay a security deposit of EUR 1.1 billion by September 30. The sum, according to prosecutors, is equivalent to 42.6 percent of Ubs’s tax exempt profit in the last financial year. We want Ubs advances all that money for fear of a lawsuit, before a court, will expand dramatically closing the issue, said a source close to investigators in Paris. The Bank, for its part, has called the unjustified and unprecedented security. In fact, according to the newspaper LesEchos, writes, the two sides were close to an agreement outside of court that Ubs refused, when he realized that assumed an admission of guilt. Hence the reference to previous American spectrum. To fear the consequences of judicial action French is not, in fact, only the Bank currently in the sights of prosecutors in Paris but the entire Swiss financial centre. The nightmare is that of a domino effect, just as was the case in the United States. Let us not forget that, if in 2009 Ubs had to pay a fine of 780 million dollars this year, Credit Suisse has seen more than tripled that in recent days, announced a third quarter loss, because of those 2.5 billion francs paid to US authorities for having helped thousands of American clients to defraud the IRS. And 12 other Swiss banks are currently confronted with the same problem. On the other hand, as well as over-Atlantic, even in France Swiss Gnomes have made a mockery of the law, using what methods from 007 to convince wealthy citizens to transfer transalpine their belongings on an encrypted account in the Federal Government. We talk about, among other things, Bank consultants, turned into snow, smugglers that they hand over the money to be transferred into Switzerland on the ski slopes at the boundary between the two countries, the French tax evaders or their emissaries. Or the organisation of golf tournaments, in some resorts in France, with the sole purpose of acquiring new customers. The same script, however, we find it also in Belgium, where a few days ago the Director of the local branch of Ubs ended up under arrest.   . Similar text can be found checking url.

HIV returned: A baby writes history.

A baby is no longer the "Mississippi-baby". Almost four years the girl is now old. Little is known of him. Not even published the name of the small, when she wrote the history of medicine in March 2013. Her doctor, Deborah Persaud, is also at the world Aidskonferenz in Melbourne embarrassing that, to preserve the anonymity of mother and daughter. The young Professor of infectious diseases at the children’s Center of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, who was flown in for the Conference to announce supposedly bad news, feels visibly uncomfortable in the spotlight. Her "baby" that HIV infected was born, after a few months of intensive treatment but suddenly considered "cured" and this amazing 27 months, is sick again. The HIV virus is back. "Not just for us, for the family that is a shock of course", says Deborah Persaud, who directs the virological examinations of the child from a distance. But the girl will again successfully treated at the University of Mississippi in Jackson with antiretroviral therapy (ART). The viral load in the blood have almost halved within a very short time. What can they say about the child, can be summed up in a few sentences. It was sometime in 2010 at a clinic in Mississippi prematurely born. The mother was HIV infected, what their doctors but only shortly before the birth of found out – too late to treat the pregnant women with AIDS drugs. The early treatment of HIV infected pregnant women is crucial. The treatment will benefit also the unborn, because the mother passes on antibodies to the fetus, which mean a degree of protection for the child. In about 30 percent of cases, the pregnant women transmit the virus. The risk is reduced to less than two per cent, if treated with AIDS drugs in a timely manner. To prevent a possible infection, these funds administered the newborn then also as early as possible. But just before the Conference in Melbourne, Deborah Persaud had to share the sad news with that after more than two years both viruses and antibodies in the blood of the child’s evidence can be. "The virus is clearly the causative agent, the child of the mother has received transfer", says the doctor. Not only she sees an opportunity for HIV research in the case. "We scientists often learn more from our setbacks as from the successes", says the Director of the American AIDS research unit at the National Institute of health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, Jack Whitescarver, who accompanied them. . You should read this to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

The Meriam in sudanese arriving in Rome on flight of the Presidency of the Council.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27 years old, young Christian detained in Khartoum after being sentenced to death for apostasy and subsequent acquittal of the sudanese Court of appeal, is arriving in Italy, on a flight by the Presidency of the Council, expected at 9.30 at Ciampino airport. With her foreign Vice-Minister Lapo Pistelli that follows the case of sudanese women. The story of Meriam was cited by Matteo Renzi Chairman of the Board, on the occasion of his inauguration speech of the European semester in Strasbourg. Speaking of Meriam and Nigerian girls kidnapped by Islamists of Boko Haram, Radhakrishnan stressed: "If there is a European reaction we cannot feel worthy to call Europe". The death sentence While being married to a Christian, Meriam was accused not only of having converted to another religion, but also of adultery because the marriage between different faiths cannot be recognized. The woman, in jail since February, condemned to death for apostasy in May and released on June 23 after the annulment of the judgment by the Court of appeal, was arrested again the next day at the airport, together with her husband, while trying to leave the country. The news was bounced within minutes worldwide, then had the reassurance of Sudan’s Ambassador in Italy (‘ this is a check on documents, Meriam will be released soon»). But the alarm on his whereabouts was not returned. International mobilization Miriam are Christians but her father is Muslim, and he married a Christian, Daniel Wani, an American citizen. The campaign of opinion and freedom of the press and international pressure on the sudanese woman and mother who love converts to Christianity and this is put in prison and condemned Islamic authorities, was incessant. With Government appeals, collected signatures and stress to the Sudan from NGOs. . Inspirational data can be found clicking this

Johann Breyer – NAZI war criminal dies a day before delivery.

A 89-jähriger suspected concentration camp guard in the United States died before extradition to Germany. The native Czechoslovakia Johann Breyer on Tuesday evening at a hospital in Philadelphia died, said his lawyer Dennis Boyle. Breyer was arrested in Philadelphia in June and since then waited for the decision on his extradition. Due to the deterioration of his health condition, he was transferred from jail to the hospital on weekends. According to his lawyer, Breyer was suffering from dementia and heart problems. The exact cause of death was not known at first. The public prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation against Breyer Weiden in der Oberpfalz in 2012. She accused him to have taken part as a security guard in Auschwitz in 1944 on war crimes. Breyer acknowledged to have become as a 17 year old Member of the Waffen-SS, but denied an involvement in the mass murder at Auschwitz. According to his data, he served the Waffen-SS in the vicinity of the concentration camp in the field artillery and later deserted from the unit. Breyer, who came to the world as the son of an American in Czechoslovakia, in the United States emigrated after the second world war. Since the beginning of the 1950s lived the previous tool maker in Philadelphia in the U.S. State of Pennsylvania. Demjanjuk had been shipped from the United States in 2009 and sentenced to the murder of 20 000 people in the Sobibor concentration camp, to five years in prison for aiding and abetting in 2011 in Munich. He died in March 2012 at the age of 91 years in a nursing home. . For extra data regarding this matter click

Expert: Israel protests confuse Jews in Germany.

In several cities there had been protests against the attacks of Israel in the Gaza Strip in the past few days. You feel personally excluded and afraid, as a Jew in the face of the demonstrations because they do not know what happens if you fall into the hands of this mob, said Heil, however no Jew is itself. The left MP Annette Groth fends off the impression that anti-Israeli demonstrations will exceed the threshold to anti-Semitism. I get the impression you focuses on anti-Semitism, Groth said the Südkurier appearing in Konstanz. Thus, the focus is away from Gaza, away from the over 600 dead, including more than 100 children. Groth had been 2010 also in the ranks in the criticism after she had taken part in the so-called fleet of solidarity for Gaza. The educationist and scholar of Judaism Micha Brumlik told the Frankfurter Rundschau: we need to build firewalls through dialogue, but also by means of the criminal law, so that the spark of this Middle Eastern conflicts not to the Federal Republic and we have conditions like in France at the end. It was a mistake, that the Berlin public prosecutor level anti-Semitic calls not as sedition, but only as an insult so. . Inspirational source could be read clicking this

Gap: Women and eastward catching up slowly.

The most important explanation for the wage differences between the sexes provides the salary gap between the industries with typical male and female occupations. So the average wage in the car industry increased since end of 2012 2.2 percent 4376. However, it rose in the health and social services 2.9 percent, but also just 2755 euros. For the hospitality industry, statistics recorded even higher to 3.4 per cent – but on the still low level of 1650 euros. All average values describe wage levels, just from the half of the observed workers exceed or fall below is. Another explanation for the wage difference is that men also within the industries often exert the profession later settled in the pay scale. So would also "more social welfare men employed an academic degree, which generally brings a better pay with it", the Federal Agency noted in its analysis. The average wage of full-time employees without qualifications was 2013 2451 euros. Who had a recognized vocational qualification, was introduced in the medium 2920 euro gross per month. Academics were, however, 4836 euro far ahead. The spread between high and low wages has declined slightly the data according to recently – especially in the East. Seen nationwide, the proportion of full-time employees with monthly gross of less than 1500 euros within a year period from 10 to 8.9 percent declined. An other common scale is the proportion of workers whose Lohn achieves less than two thirds of the average. This share has fallen in Eastern Germany since the year 2010 from 20% to 18.9%. The threshold of two thirds was in the East end of 2013 1545 euro; He has increased since 2010 in the wake of general wage increases to 97 euros or 7 percent. In the West, the proportion of wages relatively low in this sense stagnated in the three years at 18.7 percent, with the threshold increased at this time in the West to 87 Euro 2063. The sector with the largest proportion of relatively low-paid full-time employees is the hospitality industry in West and East: 68 percent of full-time employees for wages by less than two-thirds of the average wage worked end of 2013 on average nationwide. The 48% were in agriculture and forestry. In contrast, the same was true of only 1.7 per cent of employees in the energy supply and to 2.3 per cent of workers in the mining industry. Missed in the public service with nationwide seen 3.2 percent only a few full-time employees the two-thirds threshold. Noticeable here as well: Under the East German Government employees applies to only 1.9 per cent. The reason is that the public service was a pioneer of the East West alignment – to look better and better the civil servants in the East now compared to the employees in the other sectors. . Main source may be found reading the following resource.