Economists: Only 2.72 million out of work.

The German labour market shows further robust expert opinion despite slack economy. With 2.72 million, the number had been unemployed in November to around 10 000 under the October level, economists of German big banks in a survey for the dpa news agency reported. The decline fell to more than in the average of the past three years. The professionals it rely on your own calculations. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) will announce the official unemployment figures this Thursday. Meanwhile, recent data of the Federal Agency for the development of the vacancies resulted for confidence. Currently farms in Germany were looking for as much personnel as last nearly three years ago, the BA reported Wednesday in Nuremberg. Measured the number of free jobs was at the job index BA-X of the Federal Agency in November once again above the already high level in October, and just below the record level of the turn of the year 2011/2012, the Federal agency reported. . Additional info can be read reading

Rapes and beheads 15 enne suicide in prison: after violence from other inmates.

At the beginning of November in Uruguay had raped and killed 15 year old sister of the former wife, then mutilarne in the body. After confessing, was taken to jail, where he had become a victim of harassment by other inmates. Monday, he hanged his case brings to mind dramatic memories. In May had raped and killed 15 year old sister of the former wife, then behead her and hiding the remains in the Woods. After the discovery of the corpse was subjected to a lengthy interrogation, after which she confessed the horrible crime. Now the Uruguayan Luis Alejandro Villar Trias, 36 years, removed the life. The affair dates back to the beginning of the month. Yamila Rodriguez, residing in Punta del Este, in the city of Maldonado, 2 disappears and the family launched several appeals to the media to retrieve her. The searches do not give the results hoped for. The time comes after about 24 hours, when a motorcyclist found on a dirt road near a forest, the head of a woman, whose identification is made impossible by severe and deep wounds. The examinations, however, confirm that it was just Jamie. Immediately, taking more in-depth research in that area and found the rest of the body. The investigation focuses on former boyfriend of the young and Trias. If its the police found a dirty raincoat and note that there is a knife in a kitchen.  As reported by Maldonado Noticias, the 36-year-old confessed the murder, telling that she met Jamie, visibly drunk, and having sex with her before it has been killed, probably because of the girl’s refusal to indulge in a second time.   Arrest and carried out in the prison of Las Rosas, here the man becomes a victim of the violence of other detainees. Meanwhile, whose house is on fire and destroyed. The police fails to recognize the managers, assuming he can still be a sort of ‘ code ‘ used in Latin American countries. Villar is transferred to another detention center, where he decides to do away. As reported by MaldonadoNoticias. com, in fact, his body was found hanged by a rope yesterday morning. . Main facts can be studied checking this web site.

The Coalition strikes hinder Daech.

In Anbar province, the situation is nevertheless more mixed. This region, the largest in Iraq, which shares its borders with the Syria, the Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and where the Sunni rebellion had taken up arms in January, ‘still controlled 80 percent by the Islamic State’, recalls the Iraqi political scientist Hisham Hashemi, contacted in Baghdad. In Ramadi, the capital, the battles are fierce between the army and the jihadists (who control 30% of the city). Last week, the U.S. joint staff Chief Martin Dempsey confirmed to the Reuters news agency have dispatched on the ground a small group of American soldiers to help to Iraqi troops. Established on the air base in Ain al-Assad, 90 km west of Ramadi, these dozens of advisors have for roles as former soldiers of the 7th division of the Iraqi army, which had suffered heavy setbacks this summer during the offensive of the jihadists. But, according to Hisham Hashemi, this device is nowhere near enough. "We need better coordination between the coalition and Iraqi forces on the ground, which is not the case, due to a lack of confidence." However, in the general opinion, the weakness of the Iraqi army and the decline of the moderate Syrian rebellion are hardly overcome pitfalls in the short term. Facing this through the Iraqi analyst Sajad Eid is counsel for an "intensification of strikes by the coalition to overturn the balance of power. In Iraq, where the number of strikes does not exceed 15 per day, "Daech stay offensive, not defensive", he said. "If strikes slowed the advance of the jihadists, they do weaken them not. These people are very organized. Recently, it was discovered that they had underground bunkers in Mosul. In addition, their control of the Iraqi-Syrian border allows them to easily move their troops and their weapons. Some observers argue the idea of foreign troops in the ground. In my opinion, we need rather to multiply the coalition strikes to weaken Daech, adds the same analyst. . You must check this article to discover more regarding this great subject.

The ‘Putin Tigers’ terrorize China.

The fauves were released this year. Only these five Siberian Tigers, which some have been released by Vladimir Poutine in person, have since joined the Chinese territory where they are far from being desirable. And for cause, according to China News, 18 goats were killed recently in a farm near the border. "There were bodies of goats everywhere," describes the farmer Guo Yulin, interviewed by the news agency. According to experts, the culprit is perfect. It is Oustine. Fawn, presented is wrong by the Chinese media as a ‘tiger of Putin’, was released in a second time by the Russian authorities. His actions and gestures are tracked by satellite using a collar. Its presence in China is attested since mid-November. And the disappearance of one of the two tigers could cause a diplomatic stir between Beijing and Moscow. Vladimir Poutine does not hide his commitment to this threatened species. He appears regularly on TV at the side of Siberian Tigers. Last may, he had participated in the release of three orphans, including a young Kouzia, in the Russian Far East. A Foundation was also created in 2013 on its own initiative in order to save the animal. Three years earlier, the Russian president had hosted an international Summit of the tiger in Saint-Petersburg. This policy has borne fruit. The fawn is same become a star on Russian television since the Siberian Tiger appears every night during "Good night, small" broadcast since 1964. Similar data can be found reading weblink.

Death of the Lebanese diva Sabah.

She launches early in the song, in 1940, beginning a long career with more than 3,000 songs and albums fifty.  She notably sang Lebanese traditional tunes produced in large part by the brothers Rahabani or Egyptian composers Baligh Hamdi and Mohamed Abdelwahab. It occurs in the halls of the world, as the Olympia in Paris or the Albert Hall in London. Platinum blonde, her lips with a flamboyant red, she is also famous in the Arab world to present concerts and participate in broadcasts on television at an advanced age. "The artist who wants to remain at the top never rests", she told the Lebanese daily L’Orient – Le Jour in 2001. "I was very courageous in my life. I’ve about decided myself and I did that in my head. You only live once", she added. "Sad news for that day, Sabah song icon is dead, and with his disappearance, a beautiful page in the history of the Lebanon is turned," regretted the druze Chief Walid Joumblatt in a message on Twitter. And for the former member of Parliament and Minister of Lebanon Sleimane Frangieh, ‘a part of the beautiful story of the disappearing Lebanon’ with it. Renowned for her warm and expressive voice, this icon of the folk song also possessed Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and American nationalities.  Its rough sentimental life did also much talk about her since Sabah married nine times with Lebanese or Egyptian men. It including married in 1946 Najib Shammas with whom she had a child, become a doctor in the United States, Ahmed Maher, with whom she spent four years and had daughter Thajudeen, the composer Baligh Hamdi, announcer Egyptian Ahmed Farragh and Egyptian actor Lisa Abadha. . Root source can be found checking the following

The aecc warns that the colon cancer care coverage reaches only 20% of those affected.

The Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) warned today through various press conference simultaneously in different cities that there are more than eight million people that has not is arriving in time to reduce colon cancer mortality, which means that you just reached 20% coverage throughout the national territory. Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumour disease that results in the large intestine and rectum that are diagnosed 34. 000 new cases per year. According to the head of programs of the AECC of Madrid, Dr. Cristina López-Ibor, "colon cancer affects one in 20 men and one in 30 women". "This is a disease that can be diagnosed early with the test of occult blood in stool samples, a test that can prevent up to 100% of the cases," said Lopez-Ibor. The President of the AECC of Madrid, doctor Ignacio Muñoz, emphasized that, "Although that stool for occult blood test can prevent 100% of cases of colon cancer, not is it being introduced in all regions". He noted that the regional situation shows a disparity of data in which there is evidence a clear inequity, as there are eleven autonomous regions with screening programmes, but with different data coverage. "It is necessary that this test implant equally throughout the Spanish territory that, in addition to saving lives, save public coffers more than 900 million euros, from a cost of thousand million to 65," claimed Muñoz. The Ministry of health proposed that for the year 2015 50% of the national territory had implemented the screening program, a test that would save more than 3. 600 lives a year and that it will also diagnose and treat cancer precursor lesions. "Currently the screening programme is only present in 20% of the communities", said doctor Munoz. In addition, Muñoz encouraged the population at risk, between 50 and 69 years of age, ask your community to implant this test to prevent cases of colon cancer. . Related facts can be inspected checking

Clashes between squatters and police in Milan.

In mid-July the threats during a survey in housing via Pascarella and solidarity of his party, the Democratic Party, and even the Mayor Giuliano Pisapia. Now Fabio Galesi, 8 zone Director, back in the crosshairs of the crime in Quarto Oggiaro with death threats to him and his family. To explain that it’s the same Director of Pd on Facebook. I’m in the police station wrote this morning-to-complain to protect my family and especially my grandmother who is the neighbor of this family malavitosa. Galesi then adds: what happened this morning (yesterday morning, ED) is yet another act of intimidating towards me, but especially towards my family. It is clear that even with the knife in my throat I will continue to fight that this family disappear from the neighborhood, because it is not only a problem of yours truly, but a problem of society. Many elderly victims of insults and insults, aggression and violence by children and their families. Now just really, it has reached the limit of endurance and you have to react. Galesi had been subject in recent months by threats from ‘ Flea ‘, the young of Quarto Oggiaro became known for its continuing problems with justice and nicknamed ‘ baby Vallanzasca ‘, and from his family. The Advisor from the time it is committed to the rule of law and against vandalism in housing via Pascarella, among the most difficult areas of the city. His complaint this summer, had also led to an enforcement blitz that had freed some spaces occupied by via Pascarella, strong local deterioration within erp stable targeted by vandals. To many solidarity messages Galesi, beginning with Pierfrancesco Maran, Councillor and Secretary of Metropolitan Pd that on Fb writes: once again Fabio Galesi was threatened to death why you should use this with care and passion in charge on the issue of the presence of State and legality in public housing. Fabio should protect and the many who undertake to make Milan a safe place in which to live, fighting crime in every neighborhood. Proximity also messages from parent company Pd in common, Lambert Bertolé, and several councilors. To express solidarity with Galesi, moreover, is organizing for today a garrison at 19 in Piazza Capuana. . Additional info can be found visiting blog.

Michelin allied himself with a Chinese group to produce soles of shoes.

The french giant Michelin tyre will announce Wednesday a partnership with an industrial Chinese group to produce soles of shoes high range, their ambition being to conquer up to 10% of the world market of this type of footwear in five years. To be formalized in the day in Clermont-Ferrand (-de-Dôme), historic Michelin headquarters, this agreement with affiliate JV Jihua International, textile and technical clothing specialist, will give birth to three types of products as a first step: motorcycle boots, mountain bike (MTB) shoes and slip-resistant safety boots. Their soles are inspired by the range of Michelin tyres and benefit, according to mark, know-how of the mixtures of gum, new materials, sculptures and innovative technologies. JV International, for its part, will coordinate every project around the world, from the identification of needs, through manufacturing until? to the delivery of finished products, Michelin said in a statement. The Michelin-Jihua partnership in the soles high-performance and technical footwear aims, at the end of the project within five years, 5-10% of this market, which represents 500 million pairs of shoes, according to the company. Michelin said that it was not its first foray in the footwear sector. Since 2003, the company has worked with Babolat for tennis and badminton shoes, with Kempa for handball shoes and more recently, with the camel, for boots. According to Michelin, Jihua, detained at 66.3% by Xinxing Cathay International Group, a company controlled by the Chinese State, is the world’s number one professional clothing and manufacturing of technical equipment intended for public safety services. From same source, Jihua, which employs 40. 000 employees and has 31 factories in China, has achieved in 2013 a turnover of $ 4.3 billion and posted a net result above $ 200 million. . For extra data on this matter visit

The Arsene Wenger mistake that can cost you dear to Arsenal.

The reason for this lack is administrative. When he is injured this summer, Arsène Wenger was convinced that the scorer would not find the path of lawns before 2015. It has therefore not registered player in the list of the 25 qualified for the group stage of the competition. "We thought that his injury would make it unavailable," explained the manager who recruited Danny Welbeck to supplement the French. «Giroud was supposed to be unavailable for the group stage and we removed it. It’s back earlier and this is good news,"justified the Gunners boss. At the same time, Arsène Wenger has had to contend with squeaking feedback from the second shareholder of the club, Alisher Usmanov. Russian billionaire has estimated that the French is more untouchable to his position. "Everyone makes mistakes and I know that with age, it becomes more difficult to admit (,.) The potential exists but this lack of assessment critical errors and they must be admitted. Because no engineering can maintain the same level of genius is he does not recognize his mistakes. When you admit you be deceived, you are able to do more repeat. » . Main data could be read checking this

Weather in Var: stricken Hyères, crèches and schools closed.

Nurseries and schools will remain closed Wednesday in Hyères, in the Var.  The city suffered during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday flooding which have however resulted in "no major incident", according to the prefecture. The Var, as the neighbouring Department of Alpes-Maritimes, had been placed in orange vigilance ‘thunderstorms and rain-flood’ by weather France, which has lifted at 6 o’clock the alarm for the Alpes-Maritimes. It is always about the Var until noon. On social networks, the prefect called the var to do not come out of their homes and not to call the rescue in the event of danger to Hyères, a whole neighbourhood had been evacuated preventively Tuesday night: some 1,500 people had to leave their homes in the District of the oratory, threatened by the Gapeau. "The evening was eventful 19 hours and 22-23 hours, but after it has calmed," stated one prefecture around 5:30. "Il pleut toujours, and it will still rain, but no major incidents were reported," added on from same source. In total, 200 people were welcomed during the night at the casino de Hyères Forum, coming from the District of oratory – which most people however went close – or from the airport, according to a statement from the prefecture. Some 400 firefighters were mobilized during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. In addition to Hyères, the sectors of La Londe, La Garde and Le Pradet are those where they are most often involved. "But it’s especially roads impacted or flooded Cellars", according to the prefecture, who added that a priori very little housing had been affected. Many roads remained however impassable Wednesday in the morning, including the A570 motorway closed in both directions between Toulon and Hyères. It reopened around 6 hours in the Hyères-Toulon direction but not in the opposite direction. At Hyères, disaster city, a crisis cell has even been activated. Wednesday, nurseries, kindergartens and elementary schools from the municipality of Hyères schools will be closed. High school Golf Hotel and the agricultural college / Hyères Agripole will be also closed, adds Var. prefecture "on the Var, especially on the coast and the nearby Interior, from the hyeroise region and until the Moors and the Esterel, il pleut toujours a continuous and regular basis. Since the beginning of the episode have been measured from 100 to 150 mm (120 mm in Fréjus, 140 mm in Cogolin, 150 mm in Hyères) up to 200 mm in Collobrieres» notes weather France in its bulletin of 6 hours. "During the next few hours, it is still on the coast and inner close, in particular, that these rains are most pronounced: they are temporarily very intense, which can give a few hours 30 to 60 additional mm", adds the establishment. . Similar text can be found reading website.